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what is the best way to air your laundry

I could never quite understand why people like to hang their laundry outside a window, everyone can see your  shirts and pants, and some people go as extreme as hanging boxers, undies, socks, it’s just so uncomfortable a concept for me to grasp!  Strangely, since moving to Singapore, I can kind of understand this whole “let the world see my laundry” phenomenon.  Each morning when I open the window and I am greeted with bright sunshine and a cool breeze, it is quite easy to understand this is indeed the most natural and best way to dry the load of laundry.

I have experimented and hang towels out to dry.  I still cannot and will not hang my clothes out, it’s too weird for me still!    So you won’t see me doing the following:

lol, you won't see me ever doing this, just a lone towel or two swaying in the wind is my signature style (the unit above with that towel is not mine, in case anyone is guessing, lol)

this is so hilarious! Dude, it is a whole mattress! I was with a local Singaporean when I took this picture and he was like "how do you air your mattress", lol, not like this!

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