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Adidas vs. Nike Billboards

I know, I love taking pictures of billboards, but hey, I live in HK, what you would see most aside from people is billboards!  I notice a number of sports related billboards springing up across town, probably because of the Asian Games happening in Guangzhou…

Adidas vs. Nike

I personally think Adidas clothing trumps Nike’s while Nike runners are cooler than Adidas.

Where are the Velcro Runners?

I hope someone from the runners industry is reading my blog because I want to know what happened to Velcro runners.  There used to be a time when it was a big hit, remember the PUMA classic?  I absolutely love Velcro runners because the shoestrings won’t come undone, and I don’t’ have to suddenly kneel in the middle of the street tying my runners.  At high point, I owned a pair of blue puma Velcro runners, a pair of white on pink puma Velcro runners, a pair of silver Nike Velcro runners, a pair of white adidas Velcro runners, and a pair of white on blue sketchers Velcro runners—that is how much I love Velcro runners!  Sadly I am down to only a pair of adiddas and sketchers Velcro runners, and believe me when I say they’re old and dirty, yet I can’t throw them away because it’s practically impossible to find Velcro runners anymore!  Trust me, they’re not only for little kids, I would buy the Velcro runners!  I am sure there are many thousands of us out there who are lazy and would buy Velcro runners!!!

my last 2 pairs of velcro runners--classifed as classic antique

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