I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Ironies of life

We often spent so much of our time ignoring the people that love us, yet spent time thinking about the people that are not thinking about us.

We often love the people that hurt us or give us pain, yet ignore the people that shower us with love and attention.

If this is not ironic, what is?




toothpaste confusion

Haha, today, I feel like doodling a little bit on toothpaste! I stopped by the supermarket to purchase some toothpaste and suddenly realized the variety, flavors, and brands there actually are! Choices and options include “minty fresh”, “plague control”, “whitening”, “total plague control and whitening”, “12 hours protective”, “plague fighting”, “24 hours plague fighting”, “cavity action”, “triple action”, I mean, the list just goes on and on! Some of the choices are just downright confusing to me! I mean, what is the different between “plague control” or “total plague control”? If you look at the ingredients, technically speaking, every single tube contains more or less the same thing!

I guess as consumers, we like to be presented with choices so much that manufacturers are summarizing we are not happy unless we are given choices after choices! OR……selling a tube of simple toothpaste without packaging it with certain gimmicks just cannot catch our attention. Would you choose white toothpaste or “24 hours plague fighting toothpaste”?

OMG It’s 2013!!!

So it’s 2013 and I’ve been missing in action for much of 2012.  Life has been hectic.  I have moved to Singapore and spend a lot of time travelling and experiencing life.  So much has gone on in 2012, I don’t even have time to document them!

I think I’ll try again in 2013, haha.  I think for 2013, there will be more travelling and oh yea, maybe it’ll be a year of love?




Muka Beauty

I usually don’t share anything that could be traced to my personal job too much, but I want to officially share the launch of my new website.  This is my new business venture that I have started in Singapore, it is an online beauty and women accessories website, because being beautiful is a woman’s lifelong career!

So, I have actually been online non-stop everyday trying to jumpstart the website with my colleagues, but have absolutely no life… so nothing exciting to note on my personal blog, aside from walking my dog, eating durian, weekly brunch with some gals; the rest of the time, I’m sitting in front of the computer doing what computer geeks do ^0^

So why the word Muka…that’s a funny story, I was sitting at home trying to think of a possible name for the website that’s not super corny or the word is already in use.  I looked over at my tissue box and it says the word MUKA on it, it actually means “face” in Malay.  I know it means face because it says “soft facial tissue” in English on top .  ^^  Anyway, I like the sound of the word and many people might think it’s Japanese too!

Finally another reason I like the word a lot is because depending on where you are from, the way you pronounce it is different.  If you’re from North America, you will most likely be pronouncing it as “moo-ka”; whereas if you’re from England or not American, you will be calling it “mill-ka”.  So how do you pronounce my website’s name?  I really don’t care because just like beauty, there is no defined definition.  Just go with the flow, pronounce it however you like, so long as you know how to get there!  And THAT is why I am totally passionate about the word.

Alright, if you happen to stumble onto my blog or if you follow my blog, do me a favor and like my fan page on Facebook, please!!!!  www.facebook.com/mukabeauty!  Please also force all your friends to fan it too!

Until next time, it’ll be about my little adventures and Pretzel’s craziness!

Smile the day away

How can you not laugh, chuckle, or go “awwwwww…..” at these cute doggy pictures.

Even though my little pretzel is a lot smaller, he is just as crazy when he panicked! Once on a trip, I left him at my friend's house and when she went out to do some grocery shopping, she left pretzel in a bedroom. When she came home and opened the bedroom door, Pretzel is busy chewing on the wall trying to dig his way out! Every time I visit, I am invited to visit that bedroom and look at the hole she refused to patch to share the story

me too

aye aye

awwwww, how cute!

lol, this is too cute! I can see pretzel doing this

yes! blame someone else...run & hide!

Hi! I'm pretzel, I'm cute too! I can smile!







sashimi madness

Who doesn’t love a sashimi Japanese meal?!

i'm waiting, i'm waiting!!

sushi is now more than seaweed wrappings

squid tempura, it was very good

i love salmon...raw or pan-fried or baked



a little too greasy for me

i'm canadian, i luv beef


HK urchins

drool, sashimi platter

beef sashimi! WAGYU BEEF

some warm sake is a great idea!













你發覺了嗎? 愛的感覺,總是在一開始覺得很甜蜜, 總覺得多一個人陪,多一個人幫你分擔, 你終於不再孤單了,至少有一個人想著你, 戀著你,不論做什麼事情, 只要能一起,就是好的…. … … ….但是慢慢的,隨著彼此的認識愈深, 你開始發現了對方的缺點, 於是問題一個接著一個發生, 你開始煩,累,甚至想要逃避, 有人說愛情就像在撿石頭, 總想撿到一個適合自己的, 但是你又如何知道什麼時候能夠撿到呢? 他/她適合你,那你又適合他/她嗎?

其實,愛情就像磨石子一樣, 或許剛撿到的時候,你不是那麼的滿意, 但是記住人是有彈性的, 很多事情是可以改變的, 只要你有心,有勇氣, 與其到處去撿未知的石頭, 還不如好好的將自己已經擁有的石頭磨亮,你開始磨了嗎? 很多人以為是因為感情淡了, 所以人才會變得懶惰。 錯! 其實是人先被惰性征服, 所以感情才會變淡的。 在某個聚餐的場合, 有人提議多吃點蝦對身體好, 聽到了嗎?明白了嗎? 難怪越來越多人只想要談一輩子的戀愛, 卻遲遲不肯走入婚姻。 因為,婚姻容易讓人變得懶惰。 如果每個人都 懶得講話, 懶得傾聽, 懶得製造驚喜, 懶得溫柔體貼, 那麼夫妻或是情人之間, 又怎麼會不漸行漸遠漸無聲呢?

*所以請記住: 有活力的愛情, 是需要適度殷勤灌溉的, 談戀愛,更是不可以偷懶的喔! 有一對情侶,相約下班後去用餐,逛街, 可是女孩因為公司會議而延誤了, 當她冒著雨趕到的時候已經遲到了30多分鐘, 他的男朋友很不高興的說: 你每次都這樣,現在我什麼心情也沒了, 我以後再也不會等你了! 剎那間,女孩終於決堤崩潰了, 她心裡在想:或許,他們再也沒有未來了 同樣的在同一個地點,另一對情侶也面臨同樣的處境; 女孩趕到的時候也遲到了半個鐘頭, 他的男朋友說:“我想你一定忙壞了吧!” 接著他為女孩拭去臉上的雨水,並且脫去外套蓋在女孩身上, 此刻,女孩流淚了 但是流過她臉頰的淚卻是溫馨的。 你體會到了嗎? 其實愛,恨往往只是在我們的一念之間! 愛不僅要懂得寬容更要及時, 很多事可能只是在於你心境的轉變罷了! 懂了嗎?

當有個人愛上你,而你也覺得他不錯。 那並不代表你會選擇他。 我們總說:“我要找一個自己很愛很愛的人,才會談戀愛。” 但是當對方問你,怎樣才算是很愛很愛的時候, 你卻無法回答他,因為你自己也不知道。 沒錯,我們總是以為,我們會找到一個自己很愛很愛的人。 可是後來,當我們猛然回首,我們才會發覺自己曾經多麼天真。 假如從來沒有開始,你怎麼知道自己會不會很愛很愛那個人呢? 其實,很愛很愛的感覺,是要在一起經歷了許多事情之後才會發現的。 或許每個人都希望能夠找到自己心目中百分之百的伴侶, 所以,還是仔細看看身邊的人吧!他或許已經等你很久了 當你愛一個人的時候,愛到八分絕對剛剛好。 所有的期待和希望都只有七八分,剩下兩三分用來愛自己。 如果你還繼續愛得更多,很可能會給對方沉重的壓力,讓彼此喘不過氣來, 完全喪失了愛情的樂趣。 所以請記住, 喝酒不要超過六分醉, 吃飯不要超過七分飽, 愛一個人不要超過八分 如果你也正在為愛迷惘,或許下面這段話可以給你一些啟示:













是為對方默默祈求, 而不是向對方諸多要求;


`*不要隨便牽手, `*更不要隨便放手

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