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The Elephant Parade

162 life-size elephant sculptures were spotted in Singapore as an environmental awareness campaign for the conservation of elephants.  I had the pleasure of meeting all these very creatively designed elephant sculptures where they were all featured for a final showing at the Botanic Gardens.  Below are some of my favorite:

This is my favorite elephant, how creative! It made me started craving durian and I ate one afterwards!

the angry bird one is pretty cool too, it attracts lots of kids to take photos with it

it's a plushie elephant

hees, this elephant spots a tuft of fine black hair

birdy privileges

Over the weekend, Pretzel and I walk to the market for our morning walks to grab some freshly grinded soy bean milk for breakfast.  For the past month, I have been wondering why there is a giant rack erected outside a strip of HDB flats and I finally figured out why.  It is quite cool how this rack is for bird lovers!  It is an opportunity for the bird owners to hang their birds up and chill around with other bird owners while the birds go singing away.

the thought that this rack is for people to hang clothes crossed my mind when it was empty and no bird cages were hanging on it

the chord is kind of like a pulley system, you would hang your bird onto a hook and then pull it up onto the rack

Who has a sweet tooth?

I love chocolates, I love all things sweet.  I want to sink my teeth into these chocolate sculptures!

i took another pic kneeling below the pouring chocolate gobbling all the sweetness in, yep yep

i want to gobble up the chocolate bunny

haha, this one is a bit much

Honk! Honk! Hogwart’s Express

Today, I stopped by Time Square for a soft pretzel before heading to the salon to get my hair done.  It looks like London’s King Cross and the platform 9 3/4  have arrived in Causeway Bay.  So cool for Time Square to display the Hogwart’s Express, and so many Harry Potter’s fans are snapping pictures!

i really enjoy the harry potter's series, it is awesome!

exhibiting outside time square's plaza

so creative how the exhibitors built a wall so it looks like the train is approaching out of a tunnel

doesn't it look like these people are waiting at the platform?

I decided to take some pictures of the fans busy snapping away, we are all congesting the walkway, hees.

American pizza… with a li’l bit of gimmick

Yes, there are pizza joints and pizza deliveries in Hong Kong, but if you grow up eating American pizza, you would not be happy eating Pizza Hut’s thousand island sauce pizza with tuna and shrimps.  You would also wonder if these people know what real cheese taste like, we don’t want processed cheese or scallops as pizza toppings!

Yes, we do have a few pizza joints that deliver American style pizza to cure random cravings, but definitely very difficult to find a shop that sells you pizza by the slice.  I do need to point out rent is extremely expensive in Hong Kong;  but to be fair, people would rather pay 30 to 40 bucks ($4-5 USD) for a giant plate of  baked pork chop rice or a plate of fried noodles… it comes with a free drink of iced coffee, iced tea, or iced lemon tea.

Upon discovering a small shop in the shopping district of Causeway Bay that sells pizza by the slice which looks American style, I got super expcited!   Walking down the street, I saw people walking past me with a slice of pizza in their hands and some even chewing as they walk!  There aren’t a lot of selections when I walked into the shop, but oh yes, they are indeed American style pizza!  There is a bit of gimmick..the size!  It is a huge slice!

my giant slice of mushroom and sausage pizza with real cheese and real tomatoe sauce!

After paying for a slice of mushroom and sausage, I picked up my steps as I zoomed back to the office and sink my teeth into my slice of pizza!  I still have a 50% discount coupon left, and I am happy to say I’ll use it to buy another slice!  The shop uses real tomato sauce and Italian mushroom, so I am super happy!  Oh yea, the cheese is real cheese, yummy yummy! 

To be fair, I have had better slices of pizzas before that aren’t reheated in the oven.  BUT selling pizza by the slice is very very very very very rare in Hong Kong…in fact there is only one joint I can think of that sells sliced pizza, so it is very very very very very rare!!!!   Now, I know where to go if I have pizza craving and I only want a slice for a quick bite!

it really is a huge slice, the plate is practically filled

Let’s PK!^%$@!!!

When I spot weird things happening in Asia, I got to share.  So there is a trend picking up in Taiwan created by two girls where they PK on the street.  Basically they just lie face down on the street and start taking pictures….arghhh…SeRiOusLy????!!  The two girls call this creative, but I honestly think they have nothing better to do with their time.  Oh wait…remember the mastercard  commercial and the famous U Tube video of the guy doing his funny dances in different countries…OMG I hope mastercard won’t like this one too much!

this is nasty! That is a meat butcher stall



how would you react if you see this as you're walking by?


haha, this one is kind of funny, but still a very silly past-stime


this guy turned it up a notch and show some buttcheeks


Neon Billboards in Jordan

I haven’t been snapping pictures of the city lately and got inspired tonight walking in Jordan.  I was attracted to all the crazy bright and vibrant neon signs and billboards against the backdrop of the night sky.

the pharmacy logo shines brightly into the night in hong kong

the golden arches and other restaurants within the same building

oldstyle nightclub, it gives off the vibrant shanghai era nightclub feel


Chinese character for "rich", giant majong outside a mahjong entertainment house

nightlife of Jordan Temple Street area, Kowloon

she sells seashells by the seashore

I spotted this seashell craft stall and completely understand the principle of profit maximization.  There is no one manning the stall of seashell crafts, if you are interested in the pieces, you run next door to pay.  Next door is a huge outdoor seafood restaurant, any shells that are discarded will be made into art pieces to be sold next door at the art venue. 

There are some very creative pieces that I really like.

really cool blowfish

various seashell chimes

seashell necklaces

little seashell charms & necklaces

the is the cutest!

you can really hear waves from this giant seashell

baskets of shells

how creative, a camel made of shells!

so cute & creative

seashell bracelets

the outdoor seafood restaurant next door

The need to go niche

It seems like lately, many shops have been renovating and upgrading their images.  The giant McDonald’s on Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay feels the need to change its name to McCafe even though the coffee section takes up less than 5% of its counter space.  Even a premium brand like Swarovski is suddenly changing from its classic blue color image to shards of silver crystals as its definitive shop image. 

I wonder if rent in Causeway Bay has been sky rocketing so much, many of the brands that are opening their doors in this expensive area need to revamp to justify their sky rocketing prices as well.

peek-a-boo with cop on motorcycle

I was on the tram (ding ding) the other day and sat at the very front of the top deck taking pictures of the older parts of  Hong Kong.  The ding ding stopped at a red light and there was a cop on a motorcycle in front of the ding ding.  I couldn’t help taking random shots of him getting off his bike and chuckling a bit at the shots when I was flipping through them on the camera.  It became a little action film, haha.

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