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Ironies of life

We often spent so much of our time ignoring the people that love us, yet spent time thinking about the people that are not thinking about us.

We often love the people that hurt us or give us pain, yet ignore the people that shower us with love and attention.

If this is not ironic, what is?



Muka Beauty

I usually don’t share anything that could be traced to my personal job too much, but I want to officially share the launch of my new website.  This is my new business venture that I have started in Singapore, it is an online beauty and women accessories website, because being beautiful is a woman’s lifelong career!

So, I have actually been online non-stop everyday trying to jumpstart the website with my colleagues, but have absolutely no life… so nothing exciting to note on my personal blog, aside from walking my dog, eating durian, weekly brunch with some gals; the rest of the time, I’m sitting in front of the computer doing what computer geeks do ^0^

So why the word Muka…that’s a funny story, I was sitting at home trying to think of a possible name for the website that’s not super corny or the word is already in use.  I looked over at my tissue box and it says the word MUKA on it, it actually means “face” in Malay.  I know it means face because it says “soft facial tissue” in English on top .  ^^  Anyway, I like the sound of the word and many people might think it’s Japanese too!

Finally another reason I like the word a lot is because depending on where you are from, the way you pronounce it is different.  If you’re from North America, you will most likely be pronouncing it as “moo-ka”; whereas if you’re from England or not American, you will be calling it “mill-ka”.  So how do you pronounce my website’s name?  I really don’t care because just like beauty, there is no defined definition.  Just go with the flow, pronounce it however you like, so long as you know how to get there!  And THAT is why I am totally passionate about the word.

Alright, if you happen to stumble onto my blog or if you follow my blog, do me a favor and like my fan page on Facebook, please!!!!  www.facebook.com/mukabeauty!  Please also force all your friends to fan it too!

Until next time, it’ll be about my little adventures and Pretzel’s craziness!

In regards to the comment “Hong Kong people are dogs”

The episode:  A group of tourists from the mainland (around 3 women and their children) were riding on the MTR in Hong Kong;  while on the MTR, they started eating instant noodles, completely ignoring the “no eating” signs.  Another passenger on the MTR told them they cannot eat on the train and it ended up into a heated argument and yelling between Hong Kong people and Mainland tourists.  This definitely is a small and even “irrelevant” incident, but it led to a lot more internal buildup of frustration between the people living in HK and the people from the Mainland that all exploded through this minor incident.

Why the video went crazy in HK:  There are a lot of pent-up frustrations with local Hong Kong people over the influx of mainland tourists in HK.  It really bothered HK people when Mainland tourists feel they are above the law, talking loudly and rashly, but the worst part is the attitudes and images they portrayed.  It is common seeing Mainland tourists dragging little kids in shopping malls and they will suddenly drop their pants and start urinating or defecating in the middle of a shopping mall.  It is common to see Mainlanders just butting into a long line, sidling up to people and pretending to be in the line.  When caught, all they do is start yelling and saying they don’t understand Cantonese and their mentality is “if I can keep screaming and speaking really loud, you guys will eventually just let me be”.  I believe at the end of the day, these are just minor issues locals in HK will gulp down and “take a beating to”, but when Mainlanders start rushing to HK to borne their babies to ensure their children will be able to access HK education and get HK citizenship, or snatching up all the infant formulas and bed space in hospitals, or overheating the property and real estate markets, many of the local HK can no longer tolerate because it truly affects their standards of living.

The Video:  Comments to the incident on MTR made by a “so called” professor at the university of Beijing; very brash and rude languages used and repeatedly stating people of HK are dogs.  After his comments caused huge debates and tensions between people living in HK and China, he went on interviews saying he has NEVER CALLED PEOPLE IN HK DOGS when it was repeatedly said in the video.  Go figures!

His Comment:  If people in HK are discriminating against people in China, then let China not supply you people with water, vegetables, rice, let’s see how you survive

My Comment:  products supplied from China is constantly contaminated that there is no confidence for products that are “made in China”.  This vote of “no confidence” is not just from HK, but the rest of the world as well.  As a tax-free capitalist city, China is not the only place HK source or trade with, I do not believe people in HK will starve if China is to stop supplying their produce and goods.  I believe many people in HK prefer to purchase overseas brands, because there is no confidence with the quality of products made in China.

His Comment:  There is nothing special about HK, all the advantages that HK used to have, well Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen are all catching up.  If it is not for people in China coming to HK to travel and to shop, you will be nothing, you cannot survive!

My Comment:  While tourism is a big part of HK economy, HK is also known as the financial centre and logistics hub in Asia.  While I believe majority of people in HK enjoy visitors and tourists from different parts of the world, what they do not enjoy is Mainland tourists coming to HK to buy milk powder, bottled water, cooking oil, and daily necessities to carry back to China because they do not believe in goods made in China.  While people in HK should pity and feel sorry for Mainlanders, at the end of the day, they are only left feeling frustrated because these insane volume purchases left babies in HK constantly without milk powder.  While tourists from Mainland might think they are doing HK a favor by pouring tourism money into the city, many people in HK feel they are worse off because their buying habits created many additional side effects such as landlord requesting additional rent, property prices exploding, and in turn, prices of goods rise because retailers need to pay high rent.  If one is to walk down the main tourist districts of Causeway Bay or Tsim Sha Tsui, they have all became shopping strips of high-end brands such as LV, Chanel, and Gucci, because only these international brands can pay the ridiculous rents requested.  Many outlets tailored to local HK people such as supermarkets and movie theatres are forced to close doors to make ways for these International brands.  So, at the end of the day, are these tourist money really doing the city a favor?

His Comment:  Why is HK clean?  It is because there is laws there that penalized people who litter.  The reason the city is in good shape is because it is regulated by laws, not because of the quality of the people who live in the city.  For a city to be regulated by laws tells me that the quality of the people is low because they cannot regulate themselves.  If they are not beaten, they will not be good.  One word to describe this behavior:  SHIT

My Comment:  Last time I checked, there is a law and regulating system in China, but of course, rather the people abide to it or not is another thing completely.  If following the laws mean the people in that place are of low quality, I would be happy in any law-abiding countries, because at least what is “right” and what is “wrong” are clearly stated.  If urinating and defeating in public, jumping a line, or pushing your way into public transportation are the acts of high quality people, I am happy to be considered low quality and need to be regulated by laws.

My thought:  I do acknowledge there is a certain degree of discrimination against people from China in HK, and that is nothing to be proud of.  At the end of the day, the common root is we are all Chinese people with brown eyes, black hair, and yellow skin.  I think everyone wants to be united and be proud to say HK is part of China, but I also believe that day will only come when some of the people from the Mainland can learn to “fine tune” their attitudes, behavoirs, thinking, and beliefs.  When living in HK, I always frowned and shake my head at some of the outrageous behaviors I witness from Mainland tourists.  I believe if you want people to accept you and to treat you civilly, you also need to behavior and act in a manner that allow others to respect you.  It is unfortunate seeing all these conflicts between people from the mainland and HK, but I honestly do not think they will stop.  If anything, I believe these conflicts will only escalate and get worst with all the pent-up anger and frustration from people in HK.  I believe a lot of local HK people feel like their way of living, their standard of living, their self-image and belief are being eroded as more and more Mainlanders come to HK and “impose” their way of living, thinking, and behavior to the HK mass.  There is a strong belief and hidden understanding in HK that the locals need to continue to show tolerance and acceptance to behaviors and acts they cannot accept from Mainlanders, and they are suffering as their image and quality of Chinese people is eroded at the international platform.

During the video, the professor has said repeatedly that HK people have been colonized so long by Britian that they have forgotten they are part of China.  From my point of view, I am happy to see Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 because indeed HK is a part of China and so this port city should not be governed by foreign forces.  However, at the same time, the reason it is not possible for HK and the rest of China to “merge” together and for the people living in these places to “merge” and see each other as so-called “the same” is because EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND HK and China are indeed different.  When a developed and metropolitan city is to merge with a giant that is still developing, with lots of issues to human rights, corruption, and people with very different culture, mindset and beliefs; it is not truly possible to just “merge”.  People in HK freak out when they see on TV local citizens living in Beijing needs to be trained to form lines to get on buses because you do not just all blindly push and run onto a bus when it arrives.  This episode happened before the Beijing Olympics.   The following statement I am about to make is always and constantly playing in the minds of people living in HK, which is “I feel like I am downgrading myself by saying I am part of China rather than saying I am Hong Kong”.  I believe this statement runs very true to people living in Taiwan as well.

The Video:

Some comments from people and government of HK:

facebook…updates and like….sharing…for what it’s worth

Facebook has become such an interconnected part of our lives, it is impossible not to log onto it and check out what your friends are up to, update your own status, upload photos, check out other people’s comments on your posts, it is just an orgy of sharing.

There are so many extreme (not anymore) cases where people breakup on facebook by posting “it’s over” on the other person’s wall, or just constantly letting people stalk you by letting people know exactly what you are doing, where you are every second of the day!  Have you ever wonder how many strangers and stalkers are out there that might be tracking and knowing exactly what you are up to because you keep sharing?  Spooky, shudder.

At the end of the day, facebook is a virtual world, you cannot touch or feel, it actually lacks the “personal touch”.  Yes it does, contrary to the belief “it is just as if I was there!”.  So why do we spend so much time online updating our page and ignore the people who are around us, who are physically there, who want to personally talk and share with us in person?  Suddenly, we are busy when we are asked to go out to chit chat or sit around for a cup of coffee…because we are busy updating our facebook?

I like sharing and updating my facebook page too, but personally, there are quite a number of information I do keep personal.  My age, for one thing haha.  Honestly though, I don’t like sharing my relationships on facebook.  Trust me, I keep all my relationships and intimate/private moments and feelings to myself, muhaha.  If you don’t see me commenting or liking a certain person’s page, I might actually be really close and connected with that person privately in person or private emails (that might be where we comment on facebook updates…sigh, so sad)….ooOoooOOooO, have that ever occur to people?  The pages you might not be commenting on might very well be the pages that are the most important …. oOoOoOo

I am Typhoon No 8

In the midst of typhoon signal 3, I enjoyed good Thai food with beer last night.    My friend was saying how I am just like the typhoon; one minute I am there, the next I am gone again.  Ack, typhoon Nesat has escalated to a no. 8 this morning just when I need to board a plane to return to Singapore.  I hope my flight won’t be cancelled.

the sky in the presence of typoon Nesat at signal 8

I don’t even know if it is good to be compared to the coming and going of a typhoon, but after that comparison, I feel like my life has transformed into a whirlwind typhoon.  Within the past 4 weeks, I have moved 4 times, and the invisible stress of all the moving is creeping up on me and I see myself getting moody and annoyed when things don’t go my way.

Anyhow, since typhoons come and go quickly, I would like to think my little personal typhoon will leave soon, and I’m going to be settled and not moving for awhile…at least a year anyway



My 1st weekend living in Singapore

No matter how best laid out the plans, there always seems to be something going wrong when you move from one country to the next.  After sleeping on someone else’s mattress for 2 nights without pillow and blanket, I have never been happier seeing my cartons of stuff delivered to my apartment.  To be honest, I have been hit with one culture shock after another; I am sure I have felt the same one when I first moved to HK, but I cannot WAIT until the day I feel fully settled arrive.

I actually have no problem adjusting to the tropical weather, I actually like heading outside and walking the dog, there always seems to be a bit of a breeze in the morning and evening, so I really enjoy that.  What I CANNOT stand is the AC units in the apartment, I don’t feel COOL AT ALL!!!  In HK, my apartment can become frigid cold with all the AC turned on; right now, I am sweating just sitting right below the AC typing!  Seriously, what is the point of installing all these AC machines if there is no cool breeze coming out of it?  The frigging fan is cooler!  I am going to see my uncle later this week and I must inquire with him before making a complaint because like I just said, there is no frigid coolness from the machines!

I never know I am high maintenance (I supposed) until I moved here, and I never know I have been taken the apartment in HK for granted.  The apartment in HK has been completely renovated and all the furniture customized and picked just for my needs.  When I get to Singapore, everything seems out of place at home.  I hate all the furniture, to be honest.  All the dumb stools in the house has no reclining back!  I finally head out to buy the best possible chair I can find today, since I will spend so much time online doing my job in HK.  Why are there no reclining backs to all the chairs?  My back has been killing me!  The landlord also has a pretty large shelf for shoes, and I was quite happy about it.  But I hate it once I opened it.  THe slots are so thin all my heels DO NOT FIT!!  What a dumb pretentious shoe rack!  Now, my heels and boots are on display like a shoe store!  When I flew to Singapore to view apartments, I picked this place because it straddles two MRT stops and Holland Village is in my backyard, but I never realize the apartment is so dark.  Technically no lights stream into the apartment even when I open all the windows (though I can feel the breeze)!  That really irk me a lot, since I am used to bright sunlight streaming into the apartment for over 10 hours a day!  Also, this is the first time I “possess” a cloth sofa instead of leather and I hate it!  I feel like I am sinking every time I sit down!  I am counting the months (at least 9 more) before I can move out of here….my ultimate goal is to purchase a place that is truly my own!

I think I just might be a bit homesick because I am still a bit disoriented and couldn’t quite navigate as if I own the city just yet.  On the other hand, Pretzel adjusted superbly.  He is in fact in doggy heaven in Singapore with all the grass and lawns everywhere!  I enjoy taking him out too since the air really is fresher here!

I know I am bitching, and while I am doing that, I need to add telecommunications is BEYOND expensive here, I am BEYOND flabbergasted!  In HK, I paid $35 HKD a month for 3G mobile services with FREE caller ID, FREE 800 minutes, and now I pay $35 SGD (6.5x more expensive than HK money) for 100 minutes of incoming calls OMG!  For cable TV & Broadband (wireless) combined plus free home line, I paid $ 200HKD and in Singapore, I have to pay $80SGD for the three services.    Is there no fierce competition here?  Damn!  Also, what is the whole bullshit about setup fees and agency fees, WHY?  I was looking through classified trying to find a part-time cleaner to clean once a week and there is a hefty agency fee, what the heck is that!!  Why place a premium if you want business?  This one I know is culture shock. While on the topic of “beyond expensive”, I can’t wait to drive though!  Oh, did I mention I lost my license?  I need to get it replaced immediately, %$^IO&^%^$#^%()

Comfort Food

Lately, I have become a bit of an Energizer bunny with so many things to do I cannot really keep up.  It is a really good thing I have such a positive and upbeat attitude and personality, or else I would literally be drowning in my own schedule.  I notice that whenever I am stressed, tired, or just want to sit down and chill for a little while, I always end up searching for the nearest Vietnamese restaurant for Pho.  I conclude that Pho is my comfort food.  I also always order the same thing; a bowl of beef noodle filled with MSG that makes me mega thirsty afterwards, and crispy springroll to add to my thirst.  Last, but no least, I need to wash it all down with a cup of Vietnamese coffee, which is sweet and delicious, but cannot have often.  Ahhh…my comfort food.

i love pho noodle's.....MSG soup, lol! I love spring rolls deep fried or rice paper...i'm going to DIY more food when I move to Singapore

I have been taking my lunch quite late the past few days, as I try to wrap up things I am doing before I get out of my desk.  I have been frequenting the restaurants of Windsor House in Causeway Bay lately since it’s just around the corner from my office.  I was delighted the Pho restaurant has a tea-time special….though I must say the portion is just like a lunch meal, but cheaper, how nice is that?

ps…a perfect pho meal cannot be without the sweet vietnamese coffee…i ordered and drank it all!

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