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Are politicians evil?

Hm….they have to be shrewd, cunning, manipulative to a certain degree to succeed. All candidates have platforms and millions of amazing and impressive goals and promises for the voters, but what is the truth behind the million dollar smile we see on tv and across different social media?

Sometimes, I feel that the political world is a dirty and filthy place, it is a place filled with backstabbing, underhanded exchanges, and more personal favors and scheming for self interest. If you want to seek justice and seek help, well, approaching the politician might not be the smartest move. Why? Because a person who only wants to help other people without any vested interest will not be a politician, as simple as that.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say that we can only depend on selfish people to help the weak and the powerless, but only when these selfish people gain what they have set out to gain. When their goals are achieved, then these politicians will stand up and speak for your rights, your demands, your justice.

If you step back and think, this is really what the world honestly is, isn’t it? Glommy and depressing? But this is our world; we are all selfish, we will only help others after our wants and our needs have been satisfied. Businesses with charity donations, students volunteering, we all have a hidden agenda when we “give”.

It is just a realization when watching tv this evening; but there is a little bright light, because there really are good Sarmatians in this world who selflessly help others. But I just realized the world we live in tend to be more selfish than we like to believe.

Babies have no infant formula: Hong Kong

I am so confused about the infant formula shortage, it’s such a weird HK issue. I really feel sorry for the mothers in HK, of all things to have to stress over! But if we are to seriously analyze the problem, there are so many parties to blame. How do I feel about水貨客? I find them just completely annoying because what they do are doing, pushing carts and boxes of heavy products in and out of public transportation are completely annoying and affecting our daily lives, but they are not to be blamed. These 水貨客 appear because these is such a large gap between HKD & RMB in regards to the exchange rate and to the fact there is no taxes in Hong Hong but taxes in China. Generally speaking, these gaps are not an issue if HK and China are two separate entities; however, nowadays, access between HK and China are so easy, of course the industry of水貨客 appear! We should applaud the business venture spirit of Chinese people and blame the government for their uselessness. If goods entering China are to be taxed as they are supposed to, than millions of people are breaking the law, so why are they not caught? Throw a few in jail, there should be a decrease # in this industry. People that “pull” frozen beef into China from HK actually tell 水貨客 to keep “pulling” these beef into China because they know the freezers at the immigration office are full so their items will not be taken away! If the government really wants to solve the水貨客 problem, it is possible! Don’t airplanes limit passengers to the amount of luggage they are allowed onto planes? Why can’t there be immigration officers at the HK/China check points performing the same function? People entering China/HK—consider them going overseas or whatever, they need to show arrival and departure cards and are limited to 20kg per person. Sorry, you cannot pay for additional carry on—all overweight luggage will be thrown away. Similarly, people that cross the border between HK/China that are not staying overnight might only be allowed 7kg per crossing and any 2nd, 3rd, or additional crossing on the same day are not allowed any additional luggage. Seriously, just issuing this luggage policy will stop 水貨客—if not 100%, at least 80%! If the government really want to stop this problem, they can! I mean, if I can think of it, why are people paid millions of dollars a year not able to? For me, I actually don’t give a crap who is the chief executive of HK, and I really think since CY Leung is now the chief executive, let’s just all shut up and let him do his job, because protesting and screaming every day and wanting to pull him down…what does that do? Like seriously, what does that do? Is there another person the people want? If not, let’s just give him some time and do what he’s supposed to do just because he is already at that post. I don’t know, I think instead of screaming and protesting “down with CY”, maybe the screaming and protesting should be on implementing these suitcase restrictions to be implemented to at least give the people in HK a little ease of mind. I too, find it appalling to see people wheeling cartons after cartons of toilet paper, yakult, chocolate across the border, sigh, WTF. If I go a step further, you can’t blame the consumers in China for buying infant formula in HK because they too don’t trust “made in China”, that’s the ultimate problem! Maybe shoot all the evil business enterprises with no ethics, that might solve the remaining 20% the luggage restriction might not solve haha. So the conclusion is…the problem rest with all evil enterprises in China that scared off all the consumers in China. Guys! HK is like a freaking dot on the map! All these PRC customers running to HK hoarding the goods, seriously, imagine the scenario, how can HK sustain? You have a mountain running to the needle, OMG! I talked too much again with my 5 cents.

facebook…updates and like….sharing…for what it’s worth

Facebook has become such an interconnected part of our lives, it is impossible not to log onto it and check out what your friends are up to, update your own status, upload photos, check out other people’s comments on your posts, it is just an orgy of sharing.

There are so many extreme (not anymore) cases where people breakup on facebook by posting “it’s over” on the other person’s wall, or just constantly letting people stalk you by letting people know exactly what you are doing, where you are every second of the day!  Have you ever wonder how many strangers and stalkers are out there that might be tracking and knowing exactly what you are up to because you keep sharing?  Spooky, shudder.

At the end of the day, facebook is a virtual world, you cannot touch or feel, it actually lacks the “personal touch”.  Yes it does, contrary to the belief “it is just as if I was there!”.  So why do we spend so much time online updating our page and ignore the people who are around us, who are physically there, who want to personally talk and share with us in person?  Suddenly, we are busy when we are asked to go out to chit chat or sit around for a cup of coffee…because we are busy updating our facebook?

I like sharing and updating my facebook page too, but personally, there are quite a number of information I do keep personal.  My age, for one thing haha.  Honestly though, I don’t like sharing my relationships on facebook.  Trust me, I keep all my relationships and intimate/private moments and feelings to myself, muhaha.  If you don’t see me commenting or liking a certain person’s page, I might actually be really close and connected with that person privately in person or private emails (that might be where we comment on facebook updates…sigh, so sad)….ooOoooOOooO, have that ever occur to people?  The pages you might not be commenting on might very well be the pages that are the most important …. oOoOoOo

Morning Madness

For the past three years, I have been taking the mini bus to work  and have completely forgotten what morning rush hour madness is like.  Since moving to Kowloon Station for a short-term stay, I am able to see first-hand the crazy morning madness!  Because Kowloon station is the last stop before it reaches Hong Kong Station (Central), by the time I get into the compartment, the train is already fully packed!  To change trains to Causeway Bay, I need to walk through this long platform and every morning, it feels like the long march, packed, no noise, as people stomped quickly towards Central.

Oddly, on Friday, I was surprised to notice a small little space available on the compartment.  Delighted I don’t need to squeeze myself in, I happily stepped into the spot.  Only to find out the reason there was a space is because the guy standing next to me had on a smelly wind-breaker!  Yucky!  It has that sticky half-wet mildew smell on clothes that is so gross and disgusting!   There were these girls that are shielding their noses, and I was a bit nervous when I first caught a whif.  OMG, am I responsible for the smell?  I started inhaling a little bit of the smell around myself just to make sure it is indeed not me!  I was like, nooooOoOoo, I don’t think it is from me…..I honestly believe the guy must be able to smell it before he puts the jacket on!  It smells!!!

everyone leaving the mtr and heading to work

heading up from the platform--people are already thinning out because I am at the end of the pack

the long walk from HK platform to Central platform

Trending Therapy Train Tracks

In Indonesia, the rails are not for trains to move on; rather it is for people to cure diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and a huge load of health benefits???!!!  That is what Indonesians believe in.  It is so weird seeing these grown adults and with little children just lying on train tracks wobbling and shaking their bodies when they aren’t even electric train tracks!  There is a  women that claimed it completely improved her diabetes and she doesn’t have to take expensive insulin she couldn’t afford.

Sigh, it’s just so ridiculous!  On any given day, the train company could find about 50 people lying on the tracks getting rail therapy.  This just shows the lack of health care system in Indonesia and the crazy folklores and magic potions poor folks need to hold onto because they couldn’t afford basic standard of health care.  Sigh, it’s just so ridiculous!

what “we” could learn from “them”

The HK government has a work program that encourages employers to hire handicapped/disabled people to trial work at a company, and the government will reimburse 50% of the employer’s salary for a maximum of 6 months.  I have hired a colleague who is deaf and could not speak to take care of warehouse inventory and general small deliveries to supermarkets, and running errands around the office.  It really is a great experience and my other colleagues and myself included see him as a vital part of the business operation.  Frankly speaking, we could not function without him around and we want him to stay for as long as he likes!

Lately, I needed to hire another assembly line worker to help with product packaging and met up with the labor department officer to view potential applicants.  The other day, I met a candidate that has left quite an impression on me.  Now in his 40s, he went through a train accident in his mid-twenties that left him in a coma for over 48 days.  Miraculously he awoke from the coma, but because his brain has been deprived of oxygen, his speech is a bit slurred and there is a mild limp in his left leg. This gentleman has overcome so many obstacles and will continue to face job discriminations and obstacles for the rest of his life.  Before the accident, he used to oversee the export of a warehouse, and now he is doing odd end jobs handing out fliers and leaflets, or doing manual and cleaning jobs on a part-time basis.  I admire his ability and his willingness to continue moving forward with life and to immerse into society.  Rather than sitting at home waiting for a handicap pension, he puts himself out there and completely learns to adapt to life base on his existing circumstances.  One can only admire and respect him for his drive and determination, fortitude and perseverance in life.

The reason I am sharing this post is because there clearly are stigma and discrimination for the unfortunate few who are “different” from the general population.  From what I have experienced, they work so much harder, more focused, and dedicated than a lot of “us” general work force.  Not to stereotype, but I have been disappointed by so many interviewees that are in their mid and late twenties because of their lack of responsibility, drive, and outlook to life in general.

Over the media, it has been repeatedly broadcast that this generation is very spoiled and cannot take hardship.  The parents think their children are “that” much better and “that” much more special, so if you do not employ their children or if their children decide to walk out unprofessionally, it is the job’s fault, not their children’s attitude or irresponsibility.  It might also be because we are so lucky to be  facing so many difference choices, possibilities, dreams, visions, we think the job we applied for is meaningless, not important, a mere stepping stone, something to wave off casually if something better comes along…or if we just cannot get up that morning.  When typing this, I am well aware I am over-generalizing Gen-X, and since I am in my 20s, I don’t want to be categorized into this clout either.  So please everyone, step up and tell the world that just because you are in your 20s doesn’t mean you live with a nonchalant bubble that doesn’t care.  Show the employers your passion, your motivation, and your heart when you walk into the job.  Show the bosses they have made the right decision to have hired you, don’t give them regrets in giving you a chance, frightened them into not hiring people in your age group.

As an employer, I have given job offers to a number of people who have just entered the work force, only to be disappointed by them not showing up, never picking up their phones, or just went missing.  Many a time, some of them couldn’t even hold their composure or have the right attitude and start arguing and butting heads with clients and customers.  I am the first employer to admit I stay away from the younger work force because I have been disappointed over and over again.  Opportunities are given, but when not valued and appreciated not once, not twice, but on many occasions, any sane employers will stay away.  Why bother wasting time and money doing job shadowing or even going through training only to have them not show up?

Aborted babies used as soup ingredients

I am beyond disgusted and being Chinese, I still need to say this, what is wrong with people in China?  WHy would you even come up with this?  Why are people drinking this?  Why are people proud to be able to purchase this?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???!!!

“The Baby Soup is called in the local jargon ‘Spare Rib Soup’ and is not available on a daily basis. The reporter who originally wrote the article in Chinese said that he had to wait a couple of weeks until a baby was available. A couple who had two daughters already had a third pregnancy which they aborted when they found out at 5 months it was again a girl. So they contacted the restaurant and sold their aborted daughter. Babies which are close to term (i.e. 9 months) cost 2,000 yuan (about US$ 290) The ones that are aborted earlier only cost a few hundred yuan (100 yuan is US 14.50) Just buying the placenta alone also costs a couple of hundred yuan (about US$ 30)

Shocking news circulated in China. A town in Canton is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to increase health and sexual performance/stamina. The cost in China currency = approx $ 4000. A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer. It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for 8 hours boiling/steaming. He pointed to his second wife next to him, who is 19 (he is 62), and testified that they have sex everyday.

Warning:  photos are extremely disturbing and horrifying.

DIS-honor killing

“A 16-year-old girl was buried alive by relatives in southeast Turkey in a gruesome honor killing just because she reportedly befriended boys”

“Zahida’s brother brutally attacked her because he alleged she had been unfaithful and brought shame to the family. He cut off her ears, tongue, and nose, gouged out her eyes, and left her for dead”

These brutal and inhumane acts of violence against women are performed under the guise of so-called “honor killings”, loosely defined as murder of women by men within her families for SUSPICIONS of infidelity, promiscuity, flirting and as RIDICULOUS as a woman’s desire for a divorce from an abusive husband or wishing to marry a man of her own choice.

How can such brutality and violence against women be considered an honorable act? I could not understand how men could justify such horrific acts of brutality against another helpless human. This complete disregard of women and consider them inferior, subject to the commands and desire of men lie in the belief often found in Middle East and Southeast Asia such as Pakistan and India that women are the property of men. In many instances, the cattle and farm animals of a family would be worth more in value than that of a woman.  In many cases, these women are treated worse than animals. An average woman in Pakistan is born a little above that of a slave, and crimes against women are so common, over 70% of women suffer from domestic violence. Sadly, degradation of women is so common many of them don’t even know they are being violated and oppressed against.

“Cut off her eyes so she couldn’t see, her ears because she won’t listen to me, her tongue so she could not testify”.

There is no such thing as “honor” in killing, this is blatant murder with intentions!   Who is to blame for these brutal acts? The illiterate men who believe their righteous acts will restore honor and pride to their family name? The government that cannot rid its nation of illiteracy and poverty? The families of abused women who are in so much poverty they are forced to accept bribe money from the attackers to provide a living for the children of the deceased mothers? How could these horrific acts be seen as honorable when they are met with painful screams and crying from the women they supposedly love? Who is to blame for the practice of  HONOR KILLING?

*revision of my post from August 2010

My pet peeves or I am just damn pissed off

I don’t know if it’s the heat or the stress that is making me a bit cranky and grouchy lately, but if I am already not in a good mood and all the things I find annoying are happening to me at the same time, it really is not a good idea!

To alleviate some steam and calm myself down, I would like to share my pet peeves!

So what bugs me on a regular basis??!!??

  • I hate tele-sales!!!  Stop wasting my cel phone minutes!  I don’t need any loans, I don’t want to learn of your promotion, and no, I am not interested in any free prizes, just stop harassing me!
  • People that hand out leaflets on the streets–gawd, I hate it when they  look completely zoned out and just shove  pieces of paper into my face, get away from me!
  • I hate people that ask me if I have time to do a survey because I don’t!!!  Gawd, and they would keep pestering you, following you, and walking next to you like you guys are buddy buddy.  Sometimes it gets so bad, I just stopped walking, glared, and asked them if they understand what no means—I can be a bit bitchy sometimes, but the leaflets and the surveys happen to me EVERYDAY!!!
  • I really do not like it when passengers on mini buses take the aisle seat and when I have to squeeze into the window seat, they don’t stand to let me through.  I get really annoyed when these silly people actually take the bus all the way to the last stop and I need to get off and they just moves their legs to the aisle, I hate that!!!  So, if I whack you with my million bags when I squeeze past you, don’t wonder why it happened.
  • For some odd reason, people that take the elevator at my work building just walk into the elevator and stand right by the door.  How do you expect other people to get onto the elevator, WALK IN!!!  Why are you standing right by the door when you pressed floor 18???!!

YMCA Flea Market

I find it pretty cool that YMCA holds a flea market sale on the first Sunday of each month.  The concept is quite cool, but the selection available is very limited, and the items available are mainly targetting the domestic helpers that chill at Victoria park every Sunday.  When I learn there is a flea market in Hong Kong, I was quite excited and consider having a little stall myself to sell off pieces of goodies before my move to Singapore, but clearly my random treasures don’t quite fit the atmosphere at Victoria park.  I don’t even think people in HK get the conceprt of flea market–> there are so called “flea market” where it costs thousands of Hong Kong dollars to rent for the weekend, that’s clearly not a flea market.  Then you have the YMCA flea market, which is not really for us everyday people to sell totally awesome second hand pieces in our over-crowded apartments. 

Hmm…maybe I should look into an idea of a giant garage sale or something…my defintiion of a garage sale is rental free space, selling my own used items to get some money out of my “junk” because they could very well be “treasures” in other people’s eyes.

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