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how to have fun on kusu island

Kusu island is a very small island about 20 minutes off Singapore.  It is known for two things

if you come to kusu island just to look at the temple and tortoise, it would be a very boring trip

There are tortoise and temples everywhere, there is no need to take a 20 minute boat ride to look at it on Kusu Island.  So in order to have fun, explore the little island, whcih takes around 20 minutes, haha.  But also consider these great and fun activities!

take a walk along the sandy beach and a dip in the water

be an artist and create some sand artwork

enjoy a picnic or bbq with friends

climb up to the top of the island and receive a blessing from the two residents of a malay temple

act silly and become tarzan

This small island doens’t have a lot of visitors, so it’s great to spend some quiet and peaceful time close to nature.  It has some great scenic views.

very cool trees found on this island, shaped like a fan

little random snapshots of nature in singapore

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand
of man”~unknown

doesn't this remind you of a mop?

this snail intrigued me, i found it sticking to a wall after the rain...pst, i eat escargot

these are very common bamboo shoots (i think) in SIngapore, but the first time i saw them, I absolutely love how it has 2 colors

very fiesty looking, i'm attracted to bright colors

pretty to my eyes

so weird, pretzel is as big as the fallen piece of leave

i enjoy the animation of this sign

Palau Ubin

First of all, “palau ubin” is coined the last village of Singapore, but it doesn’t look like a village to me, it just seems like an island for people to hike or bike around.  A mere 5 minutes junk boat ride off of East Coast, it was nice to visit.   I bike for around 5 hours, which is an amazing feat considering the last time I was on a bike, I was in high school just coasting around the neighborhood for fun.

People were asking me what I did over the weekend, and I said, I went to Palau and I can feel people pondering my response.  I hesitated a bit too wondering if I made an “incorrect” pronunciation according to Singaporeans ^^ and it turned out they are confused because the word “palau” means an island in Malay and they want to know “island” of where, hahaha.

I wished I wasn’t given a 14-year old girl bike though because it was horrible when I have to go uphill.  Basically I cannot go uphill, I have to push the bike up.  However, I secretly enjoy the basket and horn my bike was equipped with, they are awesome!

i really like this picture, so pretty

a good island for camping and fishing

I decided not to climb this viewing tower and waited at the bottom for my friends. I started chatting with this mother and his son who happened to be quite shy and I got him talking and he asked me why I've an american accent, then he wants to know how old I am. The mother shushed him saying you don't ask ppl that and I just teased him and tell him to guess and he was like, 18? Oh, I love him! I wish I am that age again too! He has a bright future ahead, muhaha

singapore has some pretty humourous signs around--seriously, how do you ban ppl on this junk? Throw them overboard? I smudged my friend's face, I hope he appreciates my artistic flare

Cute animation signs

Walking around Bukit Batok nature reserve park with pretzel, there are so many funny and animated signs:

this is truly unique to my eyes. I love durians, fall on me! I looked and looked, I really do not see any durians near or around that ground, I really don't understand why it is even there

i enjoy the animation of this sign and the humour with "take care"

hees, the mokey is so cute

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

With lots of rain, heavy wind, and typhoons in Hong Kong lately, I keep thinking about the beautiful cherry blossoms that are blooming over in Japan.  I am probably going to head over to Tokyo and visit the Goren Garden again next year around April/May to see the flowers blooming.  It was so beautiful, I was really breathless by how beautiful nature is and wish I have that in HK!

I have actually seen cherry blossoms in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but it’s just not the same as the amazing beauty found in Japan.

the chameleon sky

The start of a humid season is usually indicated by very unpredictable weather of sudden rain and clearing up of clouds.  July and August are when typhoons hit Hong Kong, and for now, there are times when the rain suddenly pours down so hard, I can get drenched in a matter of minutes if I am unlucky and get caught in the sudden downpour.

Just the other day, I walked out of my apartment to an overcast sky with no rain, after a few minutes of waiting at the bus stop, the rainy drizzled down.  As I opened my umbrella, the drizzle has turned into a complete downpour!  The back of my shirt, my hair, and my jeans are completely wet!  Like other people lining up at the bus stop, we all have no choice but to run back home to dry ourselves and wait out the sudden storm.

Even the typhoons seem a little weird this year, it could hit the city directly with heavy winds, but then it will suddenly die down like it never happened.  Very unpredictable weather lately, but I got to tell you, the sky looks so amazing.

I took a couple of shots from my living room–the changing colors and cloud movements are taken over the course of a week, not a day, hees.

a typical bright, clear, and sunny day in HK

the sky is unbelievbly blue and clear white clouds

can seethe grey clouds rolling in to blanket over the blue sky

the rain is about the come down

a cloudy and foggy day, the tall building (international financial center) is shrouded in the clouds

caught the setting sun before it fades away for the day

the setting sky's colors are so breathtakingly beautiful

nighttime and rain in setting in

and the rain pelts down

Stanley sea view

Like other foreigners, I love to be close to the water, something so serene staring out at the limitless horizon.

Calgary, Chinook Wind, -28

I spent one night in Calgary Alberta Canada and the second I walked out the airport gates, I did a huge double take and walked right back into the airport.  I was so shocked by how cold it was outside, my body went into complete rigid shock mode and I have to readjust and realign my thinking and mentality.  From that one split second, my jeans felt like they were soaked in ice, and my face was so cold, a fog formed over my nostrils, and when I inhale, there is like a piece of fog hanging over my nose.  I am already bundled up in a ultra-long north face jacket, but I did not bring any gloves, so I quickly cover my face with my hood and zoomed into a taxi. 

Upon meeting with various business partners during the 2 days in Calgary, I have been repeatedly told the weather was really nice the day before I arrived, but the Chinook wind had blown in bringing the city to -28.  Chinook wind or no Chinook wind, I know Calgary is a very cold place, especially since it is still Winter, so I really was prepared for the cold.  However, when it hits me and I am actually feeling the cold, walking in the cold, trying not to slip on the snow, keep walking while the snow soaked into my feet and make my socks wet that completely rattled me.  However, the second I am inside a building with the heat turned on, I am warm as a toast and I can actually say, yes, the insides of Calgary are warmer than Hong Kong in the winter.

downtown Calgary

the bus comes every 20 minutes, imagine waiting for the bus in this weather, brrrrr

People reading this post and could actually feel the cold based on my description would be surprised to find out that I have actually lived in Calgary Alberta Canada until the age of 10.  Yes, I really have, but clearly my body has forgotten those times long long time ago.  As my sister and I were trudging along the streets with our heads bowed down and our hands holding the hood securely over our faces, we started laughing thinking of how we looked exactly like our mother when we were living in Calgary.  We would laugh at her for dressing in such bulk jackets and always having a giant goose feather hoodie that completely covers her face, but look at what we are doing now!

that is not some cool funky decor like I originally thought, it was actually snow that has piled on top of the roof

birdies birdies

I am not really sure why the birds are particularly attracted to this awning in Macau

However, I do know why brids are congregating on this sidewalk in Hong Kong, there is a bakery/cafe  and people would drop crumbs on the ground, attracting lots of plump little birdies!


Lol, ants are little stingers and buggers, but whenever I discovered a trail of them, I cannot help but begin taking pictures of these little creatures.  Maybe what makes them so attractive to me is that through the camera lens, they become so much bigger and clearer, not lint that you brush away. 

I have taken pictures of a very determined ant before in “when you cross paths with a hard-working ant” below:


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