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toothpaste confusion

Haha, today, I feel like doodling a little bit on toothpaste! I stopped by the supermarket to purchase some toothpaste and suddenly realized the variety, flavors, and brands there actually are! Choices and options include “minty fresh”, “plague control”, “whitening”, “total plague control and whitening”, “12 hours protective”, “plague fighting”, “24 hours plague fighting”, “cavity action”, “triple action”, I mean, the list just goes on and on! Some of the choices are just downright confusing to me! I mean, what is the different between “plague control” or “total plague control”? If you look at the ingredients, technically speaking, every single tube contains more or less the same thing!

I guess as consumers, we like to be presented with choices so much that manufacturers are summarizing we are not happy unless we are given choices after choices! OR……selling a tube of simple toothpaste without packaging it with certain gimmicks just cannot catch our attention. Would you choose white toothpaste or “24 hours plague fighting toothpaste”?

Muka Beauty

I usually don’t share anything that could be traced to my personal job too much, but I want to officially share the launch of my new website.  This is my new business venture that I have started in Singapore, it is an online beauty and women accessories website, because being beautiful is a woman’s lifelong career!

So, I have actually been online non-stop everyday trying to jumpstart the website with my colleagues, but have absolutely no life… so nothing exciting to note on my personal blog, aside from walking my dog, eating durian, weekly brunch with some gals; the rest of the time, I’m sitting in front of the computer doing what computer geeks do ^0^

So why the word Muka…that’s a funny story, I was sitting at home trying to think of a possible name for the website that’s not super corny or the word is already in use.  I looked over at my tissue box and it says the word MUKA on it, it actually means “face” in Malay.  I know it means face because it says “soft facial tissue” in English on top .  ^^  Anyway, I like the sound of the word and many people might think it’s Japanese too!

Finally another reason I like the word a lot is because depending on where you are from, the way you pronounce it is different.  If you’re from North America, you will most likely be pronouncing it as “moo-ka”; whereas if you’re from England or not American, you will be calling it “mill-ka”.  So how do you pronounce my website’s name?  I really don’t care because just like beauty, there is no defined definition.  Just go with the flow, pronounce it however you like, so long as you know how to get there!  And THAT is why I am totally passionate about the word.

Alright, if you happen to stumble onto my blog or if you follow my blog, do me a favor and like my fan page on Facebook, please!!!!  www.facebook.com/mukabeauty!  Please also force all your friends to fan it too!

Until next time, it’ll be about my little adventures and Pretzel’s craziness!

Tough Love: restrictions on moneylenders and gamblers

I am the first one to raise my hands in support to stop harassment marketing which include shoving leaflets into your face, receiving text messages, and the worst culprit, annoying phone calls.  In Singapore, it appears the government is limiting  the marketing channels registered moneylenders can advertise and reach out to potential “customers”, often people down in the dumps with gambling debts.

It appears that with casinos now established in Singapore to continue attracting tourists, even with a $100SGD tax imposed on citizens and PR, many addicts are still heading to the casinos to try their luck or to win back what they have lost with high interest loans from loan sharks (moneylenders).

From a documentary broadcast on Channel News Asia earlier, foreign workers with work permits from Malaysia are falling victim to casinos, incurring heavy debts, losing their houses, breaking up of families, and even miscarriage from a wife worried sick of a gambling addicted husband.  Some of these gamblers are blaming moneylenders for their problems because apparently their “in-your-face” marketing and tempting text messages and easy loans are helping them dig a deeper and deeper grave for themselves.

I would say, stop blaming other people for your addiction, you caused it!  But then I also remember times when I see tempting ads and I suddenly have this impulse to “buy that bag of chips now”, or “buy that notebook now”;  I slowly start to understand the power of marketing as they tug subconsciously in your head and tempt you to indulge.  It appears to be a pretty big problem because there are now policies in place that allow family members to register names with casinos that will “block” them from entering.  The government has then moved to the next step, restricting moneylenders’ their marketing channels.  Aside from their business name on the Yellow Pages, the only other place the money lenders can reach out to customers is through their own business websites.

Is this government intrusion of a free capitalistic market?  Yes, I think so, but it is also tough love to try to curb a rising social problem that can have detrimental consequences on society and families.

Silly Poster

This poster from a sushi stand really kills me with its compairson of customers liking sushi to babies liking breasts, WHAT??!!  The whole concept doesn’t even make sense!  Babies like milk from the breasts, not the breats themselves, and comparing love of sushi to the love of breasts?  SERIOUSLY??!!

It’s a Samsung world in Causeway Bay

Samsung is really pushing up a notch with its marketing in Hong Kong, the pedestrian walkway from Sogo leading up to the World Trade Center is Samsung’s walking canvas in Causeway Bay.  Computers, phones, and electronics are always changing and trying to capture the hearts of customers require constant upgrading of technology and low prices in its products and continuous reinforcement of the brand in consumers’ minds.  I am a pretty big fan of Samsung, for the last 3 notebooks, I have been staying with this brand, I think it is a matter of being used to how it works, and the prices are not bad, and the designs are quite sleek.  I am currently using a Nokia phone and I like how it looks and its functions, but I got to tell you, those guys at Apple have done a great job with its “i” series of i-phones, and i-pads, I have that desire to switch.

The giant swarovski display

Diamonds are women’s best friends, and if you can’t afford it, crystals give off just as much sparkle and make you glow.  Please note Swarovski “Austrian” crystals could be just as expensive as diamonds!  I heard there was a toilet seat made out of all swarovski crystals that was exhibited at a European exhibition convention and it cost a good $600,000USD to sit on it and go to the loo.

The Swarovski display I took a picture of is not a toilet, but a giant crystal statue display at the Fashion Walk shopping arcade in Causeway Bay Hong Kong.  It has been featured for a year now, since the renovation and reopening of this arcade.  There is always a security guard standing by, but seriously, it doesn’t seem quite possible to steal this piece of art.

Honk! Honk! It’s McCafe on Wheels

What is better than a free cup of freshly grinded coffee on a cold day?  I spot the McCafe coffee truck doing a marketing gig on Canton Road in TST Hong Kong!

I know…I really don’t have a lot of photography skills, I’ll keep trying!  This seems a very appropirate blog piece for this particular day as I woke up at 6am this morning to open the doors to the warehouse for the delivery men.  Golden months of selling from now through Christmas all the way to Chinese New Year, but I am very short-handed and while everyone is out at supermarkets setting up displays, I too, have to be responsible for something…unlocking the warehouse door at dawn, sigh.

Adidas vs. Nike Billboards

I know, I love taking pictures of billboards, but hey, I live in HK, what you would see most aside from people is billboards!  I notice a number of sports related billboards springing up across town, probably because of the Asian Games happening in Guangzhou…

Adidas vs. Nike

I personally think Adidas clothing trumps Nike’s while Nike runners are cooler than Adidas.

Get your ass to Asia!

I have been hearing a lot of catchy tunes from tourism boards in different parts of Asia on TV lately and I hear myself singing and humming the tunes in my head, they are so catchy!  I want to share some of my favorite tunes!

Going to start off sharing with the favorite tourism tune I keep humming…

Malaysia…Truly Asia

Fly to Seoul

I cannot understand Korean, but who can forget the catchy and repetitious chorous of “fly to Seoul, dance dance dance, boom boom boom”

Taiwan will touch your heart

Thailand once in a lifetime

It’s lunchtime!


wuz on the menu? wuz for lunch? that's one crazy big ass sign

The streets in Causeway Bay are the most clogged when it is lunchtime, when people get off work and rummaging around for restaurants, and when it is the weekend!

People in HK generally eat later than a lot of other countries, our lunch hour is at 1pm, so by noon time, there will be lots of leaflet and sign ladies and gentlemen roaming about advertising set lunches that are available.  Cheap form of advertisement with highest amount of exposure; the streets are free, all you have to do is create the signs and print out leaflets/coupons, and hire someone to stand on the street with the sign, how much cheaper can it get?  Of course this form of cheap advertisement is not only reserved for eateries…

a lone man with his currency exchange sign

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