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Smile the day away

How can you not laugh, chuckle, or go “awwwwww…..” at these cute doggy pictures.

Even though my little pretzel is a lot smaller, he is just as crazy when he panicked! Once on a trip, I left him at my friend's house and when she went out to do some grocery shopping, she left pretzel in a bedroom. When she came home and opened the bedroom door, Pretzel is busy chewing on the wall trying to dig his way out! Every time I visit, I am invited to visit that bedroom and look at the hole she refused to patch to share the story

me too

aye aye

awwwww, how cute!

lol, this is too cute! I can see pretzel doing this

yes! blame someone else...run & hide!

Hi! I'm pretzel, I'm cute too! I can smile!







another pretzel cartoon strip (1)

pretzel refusing to come back into the apartment

extremely excited to come in because he heard the magic words "who wants a treat treat??"

haha, only to realize he has been duped....again!



what is the best way to air your laundry

I could never quite understand why people like to hang their laundry outside a window, everyone can see your  shirts and pants, and some people go as extreme as hanging boxers, undies, socks, it’s just so uncomfortable a concept for me to grasp!  Strangely, since moving to Singapore, I can kind of understand this whole “let the world see my laundry” phenomenon.  Each morning when I open the window and I am greeted with bright sunshine and a cool breeze, it is quite easy to understand this is indeed the most natural and best way to dry the load of laundry.

I have experimented and hang towels out to dry.  I still cannot and will not hang my clothes out, it’s too weird for me still!    So you won’t see me doing the following:

lol, you won't see me ever doing this, just a lone towel or two swaying in the wind is my signature style (the unit above with that towel is not mine, in case anyone is guessing, lol)

this is so hilarious! Dude, it is a whole mattress! I was with a local Singaporean when I took this picture and he was like "how do you air your mattress", lol, not like this!

What is your stupid moment?

I am sure everyone has one of those stupid and silly “dumb blonde” moment that makes you realize how idiotic you are and how funny it was.  I’ll always remember my bizarrely idiotic moment for the rest of my life because I always crack up over it, even if it happened a long time ago.  It was the summer before going to university, and a bunch of my friends and I headed to a car show in Downtown Vancouver.  It was a hot and blistering day, and we were all walking to the parking lot.  Because the car show attracted a lot of people to the Downtown stadium, we parked quite far away from the actual event, we were all pretty hot and sweaty walking to our cars.

The following is the conversation between me and my quite dark-skinned (borderlining African) Indian friend:

ME:  Do you think you are a lot hotter because you have such dark-colored skin?

HIM:  I don’t know, I have never been white

Hahahahahaha, Oh, it was one of those moments I couldn’t get over.  Every now and then, it floats into my head, OMG, LOVE IT!

what animals do you run away from?

Apparently coyotes in you live in Canada.  The poster give me a bit of a chuckle…

Living in HK for the past few  years, when I glance at the poster, I thought the animal is either a wild dog or a wild boar (a skinny one) because those seems like the animals that people in HK run away from.

This brought me back to an episode with a friend of mine who walks her Corgi along the Kowloon promenade often.  There is a big construction project happening where the government is trying to build a big culture hub and thus the construction site attracts a lot of  wild dogs.  They can get quite aggressive and she told me she walks with a club in her hands.  But anyway, the most horrible accident occurred with a pack of Snauchzners owned by a resident of the Kowloon Station Estates.  I honestly find this couple extremely crazy and weird, why would you live in an apartment and own over 8 Snauchzners?  Clearly these dogs become a mean pack on its own and the helper was walking all of them and couldn’t control them.  When they see my friend and the Corgi, they went on attack mode and because she tied the dog leash to herself, she got dragged to the ground, scraped her face and end up with chipped teeth that needs dental surgery.  What a horrible incidence!  Owners really need to take responsibility of the dogs (including picking up the shit after they shit) so others wont be annoyed or harassed by these loyal animals.

I love Cinderella

I think all little girls want to become the princesses that are depicted in Walt Disney fairy tales, myself included.  My favorite fairy tale is the story of Cinderella.  During the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, I have to witness that special moment between a prince and a commoner.    Haha, that is the day I realize the last name of prince William, at least Kate has a last name from day one. 

A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook and I love it!  Just have to share, hahaha,

Different Hairdos

After the shave last week,  I started reflecting on the past years and the various haircuts (good & bad) my dog Pretzel has had.  The most horrifying cut that left my dog and I shuddering happened when he was a mere puppy in Canada.  We had the cut in Petcetera in Vancouver, and it wasn’t cheap, but it was humiliating! 

The horrible cut

While my boy dog looks like a girl, he is indeed a boy, so I don’t understand why they cut his hair which makes the statement “I am a girl”!  I gave specific instruction to shave him and to put no ribbons or accessories on the dog because he’s a boy.  When I picked him in two hours later, I cannot believe the groomers have cut his ears in such a way it looks like he has permanent pigtails!  To add further insult, the groomers decided to give Pretzel a pink ribbon on his collar to further highlight his “non-existent” feminity.  Because he was a puppy then, I do not walk him in a retractable leash; rather, he has a little harness that strap his legs and the leash has a little white flower hanging.  So….it was so embarrassing for both the dog and the owner to walk from the doggy mart to the parking lot!  I still remember there were two guys that were walking into the store and started chuckling when they see Pretzel and said “cute”, in a sarcastic way! 

no haircuts from pet cetera ever again!

I think dogs have sixth sense that is more accurate than woman and he probably picked up on my “I am so embarrassed by your cut” emotion and he refused to go anywhere for close to a week!  He kept hiding in his bed and sticking his face behind his paws as if to hide from the world. 

My humiliation to him

In additiona to embarrassing haircuts, I have put Pretzel in awkward situations.  In general, my dog has a normal short hairstyle compared to what Maltese looks like.  Once, I kept it quite long and decided to do the famous Maltese style, which is typing up a knot of hair on the front of his head.  Oh my goodness, once again, he looks ridiculous!  Unlike the embarrassing haircut that took months to grow back, I can quickly undo the elastic band that was holding up a chuck of  hair in the front.

There are good cuts

Of course there have been cool cuts that make Pretzel proud.  I have given him a “poodle style” cut before that left his body shaved, a puppy face, and lots of hair on his four legs.  I think it looks really cool on him and people think he is a poodle! 

pretending to be a poodle

Lately for summer though, to avoid knots forming on the legs, I decided on a full close shave leaving just a tad on hair to make a puppy face.  Very cute,  but I need people to stop thinking he’s a chihuahua, because those small dogs kind of scared me.  They kind of remind me of a giant rodent, hees.  But then again, I always feel like my dog is half rabbit and half boy.

clearly needs a haircut look

cute as a button puppy--all shy when he arrvies

a windswept look

normal length on pretzel

shaved look but oddly very long ears--looks like a girl....

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