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she sells seashells by the seashore

I spotted this seashell craft stall and completely understand the principle of profit maximization.  There is no one manning the stall of seashell crafts, if you are interested in the pieces, you run next door to pay.  Next door is a huge outdoor seafood restaurant, any shells that are discarded will be made into art pieces to be sold next door at the art venue. 

There are some very creative pieces that I really like.

really cool blowfish

various seashell chimes

seashell necklaces

little seashell charms & necklaces

the is the cutest!

you can really hear waves from this giant seashell

baskets of shells

how creative, a camel made of shells!

so cute & creative

seashell bracelets

the outdoor seafood restaurant next door

Sleepers at the airport

It was so cool spotting these sleepers at the airport, what a treat for the tired travellers or those waiting for a flight transfer.  However, there are not that many around, so it is really a matter of luck to be able to crawl onto one of these sleepers.  Also, you need to learn to ignore the stares and envious glances of other passengers walking by.

The “all things furry” trend

It looks like the “furry” trend has hit Hong Kong full force in close footsteps set by the Japanese:

Ahhhh….I am not a fan of this trend and the “all things furry” trend is everywhere as I walk around the city.  I am not talking about tastefully done fur collars, the crazy fluffy furry trend has people walking down the streets looking like they have patches of fur stuck to their bodies!  Girls are accessorizing to the max with this trend, having massive amount of fluffy hair on clothes, jackets, handbags, shoes, it is getting to be a major overkill.  I am especially not a fan of the furries on boots, some are ridiculously outrageous and many of the girls forgot they are not really all that tall, so they end up looking stumpy, especially when they decide to match those crazy furry boots/furry knee socks with a furry bag, oh my eyes!

don't have the heart to embarrass her, but where does her hair ends and her jacket begins?! As if all those dreadlock furs on her jacket is not enough, she needs to add more fur to her boots

women have spikes, and so do their clothes

I think there might be a saying that say women are cold-hearted and come with spikes, it looks like a certain fashion designer feel inspired by this saying and created various statement-making pieces of garments for women, and they are definitely spiky! 

This little display, aptly termed the  “Monster Exhibition” is featured at the World Trade Center Causeway Bay.

don't want to be too close to this jacket!


this is a dangerous piece of garment too, too many hands everywhere

The giant swarovski display

Diamonds are women’s best friends, and if you can’t afford it, crystals give off just as much sparkle and make you glow.  Please note Swarovski “Austrian” crystals could be just as expensive as diamonds!  I heard there was a toilet seat made out of all swarovski crystals that was exhibited at a European exhibition convention and it cost a good $600,000USD to sit on it and go to the loo.

The Swarovski display I took a picture of is not a toilet, but a giant crystal statue display at the Fashion Walk shopping arcade in Causeway Bay Hong Kong.  It has been featured for a year now, since the renovation and reopening of this arcade.  There is always a security guard standing by, but seriously, it doesn’t seem quite possible to steal this piece of art.

The beauty that is Venetian Macau

The inside of Venetian Macau gives off a grand and majestic Victorian feel with grand paintings and picturesque architecture and design of the various shops, exhibition halls, and casino layout.   I went to the Venetian just to look at gorgeous architectural designs and the attention to details displayed at its construction, I gambled a little bit at the MGM grand instead, more slot machines for me to play with.

the grand hallway from the lobby to the casino

from the top looking down to the casino

each ride is accompanied with live singing

What happens when you buy fakes?

I would laugh at you as you walk down the street because your LV reads LW or your Gucci reads Guci. As for those people who buy grade A fakes, which means the quality really imitates the real thing, well, that’s even more pathetic because if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

 Anyway, every once in awhile, I would hear girls at reception halls gossiping saying how they wanted the purse or bag from xxx and they’re saving money by missing out on lunch for the past two months…so yes, you are not buying a fake, but you still clearly cannot afford it, so don’t buy it!

 Seriously, a person appears classy because of the air of confidence, posture, intellect that is exuded from within, not the bag you are carrying. I often see a lot of Mainland tourists (from China) that come to Hong Kong to shop and they would be carrying giant LV/Gucci bags with the logo embossed all over the bag. Many of them feel that because they could afford to buy these bags, they are classy and smart. Well guess what? Holding the bag and crouching in the middle of the street, speaking loudly, and dunking your face in curry fish balls while putting your leg up on the rail scream brash and uneducated.

 Hong Kong is definitely a very materialist city and I often hear on the streets or even on TV how the dreams of many girls is to marry a rich guy and become a taitai (someone who just high tea, do facials, and go shopping everyday), I cannot help rolling my eyes and being thankful that after 3 years of living in this city, I still have a certain sense of ignorance to this type of mentality.

 To me personally, I buy brand name bags, watches, shoes, etc, is because I like the design and the quality of high end goods; you would never see me carrying a LV bag where the design is just the brand name plastered all over the bag. That just lacks design and creativity; and most of all, you become a human billboard for the brand! Why can people not understand that? I guess if everyone thinks the same way I do, many of these high end brands that tailor to the vanity of girls and women will be closing their doors.

OK, after my rant from above, I am going to let my diva side shines through here for a few moments and admit that I do use various designer and high-end branded products; however, I purchase them because of their quality and design, not because OMG, I own a Gucci!  To the cool divas out there, I got to share:  if you buy stilettos and high heel boots, Bally is honestly the most comfortable and you would walk around for hours and your feet won’t feel overly burdened.  For purses, go for Salvatore Ferragamo, Loewe, or Cartier, there usually aren’t a lot of fakes of those out there in Asia because the logos are usually hidden or are very small on the product, so people who like to buy knock offs won’t choose them; because to them, they are not “bling”  enough for their taste.  OK, I am going to shut up now.

A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!!


Time Square in Hong Kong has selected a theme for its Christmas display called “A Crazy Xmas” by local artist and designer Michael Lau. I love it! The theme is a kindergarten Christmas display with spray paint cans, name tags, chalk board, balloons, locker/clothe hangers, etc; it’s very cool, a children Christmas display with lots of colors, noise, and party spirit.

a cute kindergartener, my mom used to put my hair into that exact same sytle

this is probably the grumpy kid that could be found in every classroom

the ground is painted with name tags where the "a crazy xmas" is displayed

it's a crazy christmas!!

Where are the Velcro Runners?

I hope someone from the runners industry is reading my blog because I want to know what happened to Velcro runners.  There used to be a time when it was a big hit, remember the PUMA classic?  I absolutely love Velcro runners because the shoestrings won’t come undone, and I don’t’ have to suddenly kneel in the middle of the street tying my runners.  At high point, I owned a pair of blue puma Velcro runners, a pair of white on pink puma Velcro runners, a pair of silver Nike Velcro runners, a pair of white adidas Velcro runners, and a pair of white on blue sketchers Velcro runners—that is how much I love Velcro runners!  Sadly I am down to only a pair of adiddas and sketchers Velcro runners, and believe me when I say they’re old and dirty, yet I can’t throw them away because it’s practically impossible to find Velcro runners anymore!  Trust me, they’re not only for little kids, I would buy the Velcro runners!  I am sure there are many thousands of us out there who are lazy and would buy Velcro runners!!!

my last 2 pairs of velcro runners--classifed as classic antique

Transformation Designs Discovered!

During my weekend getaway to Singapore, I have discovered two great shops with really cool, creative and unique designs that got me excited about fashion! 

One of my good friend has been doing some photo shoots for designers in magazines, and she introduced me to a wonderful designer who owns a shop on Orchard Road, the shopping district of Singapore. I absolutely love his designs and his concept of “transformation designs”, and his work absolutely amazes me. Prior to meeting him, I have always been a fan of 2-way clothing, you know, shirts and jackets you could flip in and out and act as 2 pieces of clothing; but what this designer could do with his pieces totally blows my mind away because of his creativity and the number of different ways a piece of clothing could have! 

When I was browsing through his pieces, I feel in love with a jacket type piece, since HK is entering fall and the weather is slightly cooler. When he puts the piece on me, he just flips it back and forth, up and down, and it’s so impressive how many ways a shirt could be worn! For the finale magic, he took the top completely off me (I have a tank top on) and changes it into a skirt! What is more, the skirt could be worn front and back! Thus, at the end of the day, I bought 1 piece of clothing, and left the shop with at least 5 different looks! The best part is, I tried it on at home again, and there are definitely 3 looks I am totally going to wear. Because of the endless possibilities with one piece of clothing, each piece actually do come with instructions, so you won’t forget how to do the transformation yourself.

2 different ways of wear are shown here without playing with the zipper

The design could also be worn as a skirt, front as a zipper design, back as a plain casual design

After giving praises to small individual designers, I have discovered an outlet that sells very interesting, unique, and in-your-face clothing and accessories that you either love or hate. This international brand mainly operates in Europe and Singapore is its 1st branch in Asia. Its bright colours, bold designs, and individual characteristics truly make the brand stands out and make a statement on being unique, different, and creative. The pieces of clothing at the shop is a bit too loud for me, but I fell in love with the bags collection because of the crazy use of colours, shapes, and patterns. As I generally like wearing pieces of clothing that are not wild in color and patterns, the crazy use of colours and designs on the bag really goes well with my outfits.

The dramatic use of color, designs, and patterns is definitely making a loud and bold statement; I love how the front and back of the bag contians different designs that compliments each other, it's like buying 2 bags!

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