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Do you like the blue smurf?

I do!  I remember watching the smurf cartoon show on weekends as a little child and I love how adorable and pretty their little village is.

I couldn’t help snapping some pictures when Bossini (clothing chain) did a crossover with Smurf on their shirts, I had fun with their window display.

this is so cute! It brings back so many memories

this gotta be so much "cooler" than the google tshirts people like wearing in computer offices....

if i am not moving in 2 months, I would so get one of those smurf toys! If it's smaller, I would have gotten one for pretzel boy

My little best friend

Today, I am feeling a little bit emotional and touched when my little best friend from elementary school found me on facebook after we have not seen each other for over 16 years.  We are the two little Asian girls that are the best of friends way back in Calgary Alberta Canada.  Her family moved to Calgary and for the next year and a half, we became best friends in grade 5 and a bit of grade 6 before my family moved to Vancouver. 

This is the girl I hang around with during recess and lunch time, and we would go back to my house and spend more time together after school.  When my family moved to Vancouver, we didn’t keep in touch, I was only 11-ish and I am never one to write letters or keep a diary when I was young anyway.  I have never forgotten her from my memory as I developed a new circle of friends in high school, then in university, but I have never “actively” search her out over the Internet with the breakout of ICQ, MSN, Friendster, Facebook. 

Suddenly, this morning, before heading to the office, I got a friend request from a girl who asked me if I use to go to Fred Seymour Elementary school.  I was really touched she found me online because she told me she has tried a lot of other “bonnie” online before she found me.  Suddenly my childhood flashes before me, of us running around in the snow, making snowmen, eating snow with syrup, having snowball fights (Yes, Calgary is like the Arctic).  Little odd details started surfacing from my memory, I remember there used to be a teacher with golden blonde hair and lots of makeup that would come up to us at recess and tell my friend the boy that keeps stealing her sneaker has a crush on her.  I even remember that boy running up to us at recess and he would grab onto my friend’s leg and won’t let go. 

I am really happy we have semi reunited online after 16 years, we started emailing each other back and forth as if the 16 years of our growing up separately don’t exist.  But I also feel a little bad because I haven’t looked her up like she had for me, and I feel like such a bad friend.  Maybe I am getting older now, I started treasuring and valuing all the friends and people I met from my past.  Afterall, they shape me into who I am today and are a part of me.  Dear friend, thank-you for your persistency and coming back into my life, looks like I know who to be friends with even as a little kid!

A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!! (pt 2)

The very 1st Christmas display to my virgin eyes for the year 2010 has been given to Time Square Causeway Bay a couple of days ago; today I actually went inside Time Square in search from some pita bread from Mark & Spencer and realized the Christmas display on the outdoor foyer is also continuing in the main foyer of the shopping mall!  So, this blog will be a continuation of what I have posted yesterday, all the cutey students I took pictures of are exhibited on the foyer level of Time Square.

hung from the 9/f of time square

i love this afro boy

so cute, he's doing a headstand!

giant centerpiece in the middle of the exhibition

a cool looking gramps

he probably got into a fight with the class bully

looking down at the foyer exhibtion form the 6/f



A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!!


Time Square in Hong Kong has selected a theme for its Christmas display called “A Crazy Xmas” by local artist and designer Michael Lau. I love it! The theme is a kindergarten Christmas display with spray paint cans, name tags, chalk board, balloons, locker/clothe hangers, etc; it’s very cool, a children Christmas display with lots of colors, noise, and party spirit.

a cute kindergartener, my mom used to put my hair into that exact same sytle

this is probably the grumpy kid that could be found in every classroom

the ground is painted with name tags where the "a crazy xmas" is displayed

it's a crazy christmas!!

A Seasame Halloween

Windsor House in Causeway Bay has a very cute and family-oriented Sesame Street display at the mall’s foyer for photo snapping, it reminds me of when I was a kid and how I watched sesame street when I came home from school.  Some cartoon characters just never grow old, they are loved by children from one decade to the next, from one country to another country, so very cool!  Oh, I loved the Care Bears when I was young, but I have never been fond of Barney or the Teletubbies, they are scary!

Elmo & Cookie Monster are my fav!

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