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What is Beauty?

The Beauty series uses the wounded faces and bodies of women who have recently undergone plastic surgery to show the physical cost of adhering to social pressure in Korea. Plastic surgery has become an integral part of Korea’s current culture, often regarded as a integral step in the in self improvement process. Going under the knife, enduring bruises, scars, and being under general anesthetic several times are no longer considered risky or extravagant. They have all had multiple procedures and have plans for future augmentation. The photos were taken directly after their operation while they were resting and waiting to be healed.


The latest raw data compiled from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2010, confirms that South Korea is indeed the country with the world’s highest per capita rate of cosmetic plastic surgery. It is a culture where men are judged on their financial balance sheet and women by their beauty. The male-dominated media endlessly reinforces its model of the ideal woman. As a result of these cultural forces Korea has become a beauty-oriented society where people are judged more for their appearance than their character. Korean women, often fall into the trap of trying to live up to the ideal personified in the media. The combination of these factors has dramatically increased the burgeoning plastic surgery industry while creating another set of standards for women to adhere to.

The following link shows a series of photography taken by Ji Yeo of women after plastic surgery

Curiosity is so interesting


After 3 weeks away, I dread opening the mail box since I know it’ll be piled with bills an junk.  As I was sorting through the load, I stumbled upon this little slip of paper and I started getting so curious!  Wow, do people really do that?  I am so curious, I want to find out more about this person, who I supposed is quite “brave” for sending this bulk note to all the mail boxes?

I realized I am curious because I do not know anything behind the writer of this little memo, but it has set my imagination crunching and curiosity piqued.


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