I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

one of the best hikes I've been to in HK with my uncle and aunt. They took me there during a rough time in my life and standing on top of all these volcano rocks and the ocean below me, we screamed into the sky

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

To gain all while you give

, To roam the roads of lands remote:

To travel is to live.”

-Hans Christian Andersen, The Fairytale of My Life

It’s the time of the year again!  I am especially happy and excited this Christmas, I have unknowingly planned a little journey across Indochina and I am super psyched!  For the past two weeks, I have been slaving in front of the computer planning the best possible trips, and I realize it takes a lot of time to plan!  However, now that majority of planning is out of the way, I am so excited to explore, see, embrace, and experience!

Chinese New Year and the Christmas holiday is very close together this year, so I am pretty much in holiday mode all the way to end of Jan, muhaha, how awesome!  First stop is of course Hong Kong, I cannot miss the amazing Christmas lights decked out in Central and the amazing skylight at Victoria Harbour!  Then off I go to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam before returning to Singapore for Christmas.  Where else would I go but Kuala Lumpur for boxing week!  As if all the foods I will be having are not enough, I must fly off to the night markets in Taipei!  After the 1st week of January, I will be back in Singapore for 2 weeks making sure my business venture in Singapore is still moving along, hohoho.  Then comes Chinese New Year and I am off to the happiest place on earth Bhutan!  I am extremely excited about visiting Bhutan, I have been wanting to go for awhile now, and believe it is one of the places I must travel to once in my lifetime.  I must eat some altitude sickness pills before heading to Bhutan to ensure I am not sick all 5 days!  Because I am taking a transfer flight into Bhutan from Bangkok Thailand, I am going to chill there for 3 days and get some Thai massages before returning to Singapore and continue my quest of starting a business and getting an employment pass!

PS.  Singapore government, please be nice to me, why must you slap a 10% tax of foreigners purchasing homes in Singapore?  I only want to buy a condo to live in, I have no intention of investing or flipping it in the market.  You should slap the tax on 2nd purchase homes, not just on foreigners, especially since I am planning to make a life here, boo boo boo!  If I continue, it will become a 2nd blog and clearly this is nothing exciting compared to all my trips, but come on!  This policy doesn’t stop the mega rich, if they want to buy, they will still buy 5, 8, 10 condos!  Do you want me to keep renting until I become a PR?  But I am Chinese!  Chinese people do not believe in renting for the long term!  Chinese people like to have a roof over their head they can call their home!


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