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I eat meat, I like beef.  I am fully aware there are animals that are bred for human food consumption, so in the back of my mind, I know animals died so I can eat them.  I have heard stories where cows have a sixth sense and know instinctively they are being herded to be killed, and some would tremble and collapsed to the floor.  I don’t like imagining this picture, so even when animals are bred for human food consumption, I believe they should be killed or slaughtered in the most humane way.  There is no need to add more pain/fear/distress to the animal during the process.

Below article is shared from Four Corners, an Australian organization in investigative journalism:

“Right now in northern Australia, ships are being readied to load thousands of cattle to be transported to Indonesia where they will be fattened in feedlots and sent to abattoirs for slaughter. Australia sends about 500,000 cattle there each year in a trade worth more than $300 million. Six million cattle have been sent to Indonesia since the trade began two decades ago, supplying a growing demand for beef.

Despite industry assurances that the welfare of cattle sent to Indonesia is “generally good”, Four Corners reveals that many thousands of these animals die slow and hideous deaths. Four Corners goes into the abattoirs that the Australian meat industry does not want the public to see. The results will shock viewers and confront industry and government with the question: how much suffering must these animals endure for the sake of profit?

Following a report published January this year by industry and government, painting a positive picture of conditions in Indonesia, animal welfare campaigners took their own cameras into abattoirs to record the conditions for themselves. That footage reveals that Australian training of the slaughtermen in Indonesia has been grossly inadequate. Animals smash their heads repeatedly on concrete as they struggle against ropes, take minutes to die in agony after repeated often clumsy cuts to the throat. In some cases there is abject and horrifying cruelty – kicking, hitting, eye-gouging and tail-breaking – as workers try to force the cattle to go into the slaughter boxes installed by the Australian industry, with Australian Government support.”

Below is the video clip to “A bloody business”, which contains explicit contents & images

a bloody business

Comments on: "Slaughterhouse abuse in Indonesia" (4)

  1. I’ve heard of these, majority of the ranchers only look at profit margins and their pockets. They figure that they have the right to slaughter animals in whichever way they see fit, figures right?

    • I don’t konw if you’ve watched the video clip, but I just don’t understand how the people working at the slaughter house can inflict so much brutalities without flinching when clearly the cows are showing pain, fear, and are making painful noise, it’s just so sad. You can see one of the cows that has his throat slit, got up and tried to run away, just so sad

      • I’ve seen many different ones, the sad part is these cows were raised from the moment they were calves thinking they’d live a full life. Then, they get slaughtered by the very hand that fed them only the day before. There are humane ways of doing this, but some people just don’t have a heart 😦

  2. Oh my goodness, this is just wrong in all levels. Just because these animals are going to be slaughtered for human consumption, people who own those slaughterhouses should be more humane and ethical.

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