I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

I have been looking forward to scouting out some good delicious rich creamy to-die-for durian and through some hiccups and missteps along the way, I found the place for (貓山王) ma shan wang durian!  Ma shan wang is known as the king of the king of fruits, very rich and creamy and sweet with a very small seed.

The first time I had ma shan wang in Singapore, I went to the Geylong strip that is “famous” for all varieties of durian, but to be honest, I was not overly impressed.  It was so expensive and I actually think the stalls are ripping people off probably because majority are tourists.  However, I do need to point out, I was brought to this durian strip by a local Singaporean.  Anyway, so I am very happy to find this little durian corner, I will always come to this place for durian from now on!  $8SGD  for a ma shan wang, that’s very good price!  The only complaint I have is, I wish it was bigger!

貓山王 ma shan wang durian!!!

a mushy creamy durian has been selected for us to inhale

i need to dig in!


Comments on: "It’s durian, it’s 貓山王 ma shan wang!" (4)

  1. Yum! so lucky that you can have fresh durian there! 🙂 here in Vancouver we get the frozen imported ones 😦

  2. yea i know, I had the forzen version when I lived in Vancouver and mommy and I had cravings….absolutely cannot compare to the fresh ones. Living in HK, I would bring it home before eating, now living in Singapore, we do it right on the street, that’s definitely the best way!!! I love how if it’s not creamy enough, you can complain to the vendors and just licking fingers in satisfaction afterwards and walking away with silly smiles, muhaha

  3. Lovely!
    I personally don’t take durians.. too mushy for my liking. But, nothing beats doing it by the roadside, no? 😀 My friends and I had a durian party in a public park somewhere in West Kowloon, and people were watching us like we were some strange exhibits. That was really funny!

  4. west kowloon promenade? By the water so the smell float to HK Island, hahaha. Oh wow, a durian party in a park in HK, that sounds so extreme, I will look and sidle over for some, muhaha

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