I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Palau Ubin

First of all, “palau ubin” is coined the last village of Singapore, but it doesn’t look like a village to me, it just seems like an island for people to hike or bike around.  A mere 5 minutes junk boat ride off of East Coast, it was nice to visit.   I bike for around 5 hours, which is an amazing feat considering the last time I was on a bike, I was in high school just coasting around the neighborhood for fun.

People were asking me what I did over the weekend, and I said, I went to Palau and I can feel people pondering my response.  I hesitated a bit too wondering if I made an “incorrect” pronunciation according to Singaporeans ^^ and it turned out they are confused because the word “palau” means an island in Malay and they want to know “island” of where, hahaha.

I wished I wasn’t given a 14-year old girl bike though because it was horrible when I have to go uphill.  Basically I cannot go uphill, I have to push the bike up.  However, I secretly enjoy the basket and horn my bike was equipped with, they are awesome!

i really like this picture, so pretty

a good island for camping and fishing

I decided not to climb this viewing tower and waited at the bottom for my friends. I started chatting with this mother and his son who happened to be quite shy and I got him talking and he asked me why I've an american accent, then he wants to know how old I am. The mother shushed him saying you don't ask ppl that and I just teased him and tell him to guess and he was like, 18? Oh, I love him! I wish I am that age again too! He has a bright future ahead, muhaha

singapore has some pretty humourous signs around--seriously, how do you ban ppl on this junk? Throw them overboard? I smudged my friend's face, I hope he appreciates my artistic flare


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