I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

tell me your ghost story

I was reading a fellow blogger website the other day on ghost stories, since it is close to Halloween and all, so I am in the mood to share too.  There are no ghosts or haunted houses that give me the creeps, what scare me merely are images in my head I concocted from little snippets of stories my mom like to tell me when I was a child, to scare me into behaving and acting the way she wants me to, and I carried these horror tales with me to this day.

As I child, my mom keeps telling me that if my blanket doesn’t cover my hands and feet, someone will come in the middle of the night and steal my limbs.  OK, that is not scary, but it leave an impact on me as a child that affected me throughout my life.  I always always always have a blanket completely covering me when I sleep at night.  So I live in Singapore and Hong Kong and the weather is very hot and humid, I just closed all the windows and turn the AC onto frigid just to cover myself completely with a blanket.  Not just that, I have to make sure the blanket roll inwards to completely cover my feet.  I can only imagine the reason for doing this is because of my mother….

There are other tales I am sure lots of Asians heard of as children, which is that if we don’t completely eat all the grains of rice in our bowls, we will end up getting dots and spots in our face.  I don’t have dots and spots on my face, but I certainly break-out easily….

Haha, I actually don’t have any ghost stories to share, the one that left an impression on me is women that dress in bright red dresses with their lips and nails painted bright red wearing a pair of red heels plunging down buildings with unblinking eyes on “ghost day”.  It doesn’t sound scary, the image I create in my head is very detailed and it gives me the creeps because these women choose this day to jump buildings so they could come back in the next life to take revenge.  It has been said that if you take your life in this fashion on “ghost day”, you have the most spiteful soul filled with hate and anger because you have been framed or done injustice, thus when you “die” this way you will return a very powerful ghost to right what has been wronged to you.  Shudder….


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  1. Yes! I was afraid of red-dressed ghost as a child too. But, come to think of it, why are these “ghosts” always female? And, why choose to be a ferocious ghost (when the person/people who wronged the suicidal person may not even be remorseful or aware of what they’ve done!) when one can choose to let go of the past and live a happy life as human? Strange ><"

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