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Starhub poor services

I am beyond exasperated with staruhub mobile internet services, I have complained of week signals at my condo from day one. After numerous complaints (2 week span), starhub finally send a technician who took screenshots and acknowledge it is bad and said the case will be escalated and someone will notify me immediately. I waited 5 days and no one has contacted me. I call again and waited 3 days ev…en though it said “urgent” in the system. I’ve to call again on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today (Monday), and I was told I will receive a call back within the day. A contract is deemed a contract when I pay and starhub provide services. What I am receiving is frustration and being bounced around in a useless phone system for almost a month, but expected to pay on time. If this is what starhub is known for, pat yourself in the back, you have just gained an extremely irritated customer determined to share the horror.

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  1. Well I have change Telco and soon my contract over i change every thing to other telco. I have been with them for 10 years if not more. They might have forgotten the power of individual via the help of facebook and youtube.

    For those who don’t know what kind of promise and experience starhub is delivering, please try signing up two years contract in any services. I Gaurantee the experience will be unforgettable. Have fun 🙂

    • unfortunately i don’t think there is any competition for telecommunications company in Singapore, so they are not competitive and services are crappy. Just because someone keeps saying mam’m and calling you back but not fixing the problem is not services. Also, can you understand their monthly statement? ^%^&*)&*, who the heck created that thing? I actually do think Singtel is better, but it might be because my contract is not nearing the end yet to experience hostility and frustration?

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