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giddy over fruits

One of the things I have come to enjoy in Singapore (aside from the fresh air) is how cheap it is to eat fresh fruits.  I’ve been eating mangosteen, papayas, pineapples everyday!  $1SGD (less than $1USD) for a giant papaya that takes me two days to finish!  I love it!  A variety of fresh produce and fruits could easily be found in any markets dotting Singapore.

The other night, I went down to Geylong and there is a street filled with stalls selling DURIANS, WOW!!!  In HK, we generally import only the Thailand variety of Durian, but in Singapore, there are just so many selections of durians, it boggles the eyes.  We end up eating the most expensive supreme durian, it was so creamy and rich, wow!

As good as it was, there was a price to paid, I got two bright red pimples on my chin!  Notice them right when I got home.

seafood pasta with lots of tomatoes & carrots

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