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Daiso vs Dollar stores

daiso singapore--everything for 2 sin dollars

Daiso is such a good place to go when you have just moved and need to purchase various knick knacks to make life easier during the year’s stay in a rented condo.  I have been frequenting malls with Daiso lately and I never realize there are so many household items that could be bought at such a cheap price compared to other department stores or supermarkets’ department sections.  However, no comments regarding durability and friendliness on product usage, though I do notice some good items at the store.

At the end of the day, I think when shopping at dollar stores, tonnie stores, Daiso, and such value stores that set an absolute price value, you need to be a sharp and shrewd shopper because while some items might be cheap, there are definitely plenty of items that cost a lot less than what is priced.  I like walking around Daiso and being quite impressed by the range of products for sale, the quality and design of the products do look quite nice compared to the image given by “dollar stores” in the West.

I want to share a ridiculous item I found at the store though, those crazy Japanese…

would you seriously strap a diaper on your dog? Think carefully, the dog most likely doesn't know he/she is supposed to pee onto the diaper, so ridiculous!


Comments on: "Daiso vs Dollar stores" (2)

  1. Nappies for dogs? Man, this is an absurd idea. I don’t think its much use at all for the dogs.

    • appearently some of my dog think this is a normal invention because female poodles have period and old dogs migh soil themselves, I’ve no idea

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