I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Mondays get me down a little, Pretzel gets major depressed on rainy days because he cannot go outside and frolic.  Since moving to Singapore, he has become even more stubborn and insistent regarding the need to bond and be united with nature twice a day!

It is not possible to bring him out for his ritualistic peeing when it is hailing with thunder, and rather than letting go of the pee he has been holding for over 14 hours, he decided he can still wait it out and determined the rain will eventually stop.  The crazy dog really had to go, I can see him all curled up and slightly licking his little tummy, as if to soothe himeself, it’s ridiculous!    It is true, the older the dogs, the more stubborn they become.

i am a sad little dog because it's raining outside

sigh, the rain just won't let up

ack! the rain has stopped adn the birds are chirping! Hurry hurry, I need to go outside NOW!



Comments on: "rainy days and mondays get me down" (3)

  1. wow awesome pics.. thanks for sharing…:)

  2. Beautiful pictures of the ever cute Pretzel and by the way, don’t let the rain get you two down

  3. lol, thx! I am alright with rain, just a depressed pretzel

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