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World Animal Day

The Sunday Times

October 4th is dedicated to “world animal day”, and since I share many moments with Pretzel,  I would like to dedicate a post in his honor.  The Sunday Times is planning on running a feature on this day and I have decided to submit a picture of Pretzel and a special little message to him to share with the world.

Name:  Pretzel

Breed:  Maltese

Age:  5 1/2 years old

Sex:  A big boy though always cry like a baby girl

Caption:  Seeing him chasing and playing with his  toys and then suddenly running and leaping into my arms make flying
him from Canada to Hong Kong and then to Singapore totally worth it.   I am proud of my crazy hyperactive ADHD dog.

The message written to pretzel


Comments on: "World Animal Day" (5)

  1. I hope you are well and brilliant post, Bonnie. That was very noble and sweet of you to dedicate something for Pretzel.

  2. My daughter is a total animal lover and adores puppy, showing her this blog 🙂 thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. This is pretty cool. Did you know that they were going to print your dog’s pic, or did you get a surprise when you saw it in the paper? Haha, now he’s famous. You should save this clipping of him!

    • I just took a pic of the clipping, not going to save the paper, it’ll yellow and aged. I submitted the message when the paper was inviting submissions, and I think they’re qutie good at making sure all the pets go onto the page

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