I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Welcome to Hong Kong

First day back at work returning to Hong Kong after moving to Singapore and it feels nice.  I have been getting little surprising warm welcomes throughout the day that kind of surprised me, in a nice way.

I went to grab my daily coffee this morning and the lady barista saw me and greeted me with such a bright smile, I was a little taken aback.  She was asking me where I have been and how she hasn’t seen me for awhile.  When I told her I have moved to Singapore but will be in Hong Kong every 2 weeks, she decided I must receive extra shots in my coffee for free when I’m in HK, isn’t that sweet?

The biggest surprise of all is the mailman for my office.  This mailman is a really nice, friendly and outgoing guy, and he started handling this route where my office is for around a month before I moved to Singapore.  Once he delivered a parcel for me with my name on it and ever since then, he has always greeted me in the morning calling out my name and singing “my bonnie is over the ocean” once in awhile.    My colleague told me that during my two weeks of absence in Hong Kong, he has been hollering my name every time he was doing his mail run on our floor.  Her rendition of the story is that he just started calling, hollering, and howling my name, and she is positive the whole floor knows I’m not in.  MmmmMmm…I’m telling her I am not sure if that is such a good thing because in Chinese cultures, you don’t go howling someone’s name unless they’re dead and I am alive and bouncing!

This morning, I was kind of waiting for him to do the mail run, so I was surprised when someone knocked on the office door gently and passed the mail over to the front desk.  It turned out the friendly and outgoing mailman has a day off today, , I am seriously anticipating our encounter tomorrow, lol.

These little welcome gestures just brighten up my day and makes me feel all warm and special inside.  I have no idea I will be missed, and these people who you surround yourself with everyday, their little services and smiles go a long way in making the day that much brighter and special.  I got some really nice warm welcomes in HK from the people I least expected, thank-you.




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