I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

I discovered the friendly green trails at the campus, which is just 5 minutes from where I’m living, so I know how much Pretzel would love zip zapping through he patches on greens unleashed.  There is no better day than a Sunday morning to let him do this, so we headed over to the campus for him to zap out his own energy.  It reminded me of the happy times back at my own school campus at the University of British Columbia, ahhh..theose were great times!

come get me!

pretzel would like to introduce a mosaic art piece in the middle of the grassy lawn

you can tell my how happy pretzel is right?

A weird and unexpected encounter dampened my morning a bit, but blah, it’s over.  I thought it would be fun to let pretzel off leash since no one goes to school on Sunday, but I wish there were people around, gawd!  This guy just came up to me and he was being persistent while I tried getting out of his sight!  Because Pretzel is getting high on the grass, he’s just jumping and lunging all over the place and the guy kind of stopped to watch him and started talking to me, which is totally fine,  But then, within one minute, he was like asking me for my phone number and shaking my hand and kissing my hand and then asking me to kiss him on the cheek.  I don’t know if living in HK for the past 4 years have turned me frigid, but seriously, within one minute, is that normal in Singapore?!?  I found out within minutes that it is not normal and common in Singapore within shooting out an email inquiry to friends.  I was scared and wanted to leave and he keeps following me when I chase after pretzel to get him leashed up , OMG, and all this happened before 9am!!  When I need protection from Pretzel and his usual barking and baring of fangs at strangers, they do not occur!  Then a little while later, this guy with a baby girl came around and started playing with Pretzel and saved me from the weirdo, he was very nice, and I think he kind of knows because he stayed with me for awhile, whew!

posing along pretty red bushes

do not disturb


Comments on: "zipping through nanyang university campus" (1)

  1. Pretzel sure had fun zipping around the campus 🙂

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