I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

What is your stupid moment?

I am sure everyone has one of those stupid and silly “dumb blonde” moment that makes you realize how idiotic you are and how funny it was.  I’ll always remember my bizarrely idiotic moment for the rest of my life because I always crack up over it, even if it happened a long time ago.  It was the summer before going to university, and a bunch of my friends and I headed to a car show in Downtown Vancouver.  It was a hot and blistering day, and we were all walking to the parking lot.  Because the car show attracted a lot of people to the Downtown stadium, we parked quite far away from the actual event, we were all pretty hot and sweaty walking to our cars.

The following is the conversation between me and my quite dark-skinned (borderlining African) Indian friend:

ME:  Do you think you are a lot hotter because you have such dark-colored skin?

HIM:  I don’t know, I have never been white

Hahahahahaha, Oh, it was one of those moments I couldn’t get over.  Every now and then, it floats into my head, OMG, LOVE IT!


Comments on: "What is your stupid moment?" (1)

  1. I have so many I lost count! 😀

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