I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

At Tang’s, the departmentstore is holding a “discover the wonderful world of mooncakes” sale that drew my attention.  There are many varieites and flavors available, and lots of mooncakes are produced from renowned hotels, a little different compared to HK where the mooncakes are produced from renowned bakeries.

Perosonllay, I think when people buy mooncakes, they are literally paying for the designs and packaging moreso than the pastries themselves.  I delved into a little bit of mooncake history and learned that mooncake originated as far back as the Song Dynasty.  One evening, the emperor and advisors were sitting in a gazebo watching the shiny round shape of the moon. He had the urge to enjoy some round cakes while admiring the round moon hanging in the sky, and that is how mooncake was developed and passed down.  Back in the days, mooncake is not designated to a specific hoiliday, but eaten whenever with a cup of hot brewed tea.

Nowaday, mooncake is eaten druing the traditional mid-autumn festival.  Back in the days, round cakes has sweet lotus paste fillings, whereas now, there are so many different varieites it can make one’s head spin!  Rather you enjoy the traditional paste filling mooncake or the innovative snowskin or even durian paste cake, you could most certainly find somehting to enjoy during the mooncake eating evening!

check out this monster durian mooncake, OMG

i love durians, and i got to tell you, after I ate a small sample, the taste stayed in my mouth for a long long long time


Comments on: "discover the wonderful world of mooncakes" (3)

  1. when is the mooncake festival anyway?

  2. Mooncakes are yummy and my favourite is the original lotus paste one.

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