I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

No matter how best laid out the plans, there always seems to be something going wrong when you move from one country to the next.  After sleeping on someone else’s mattress for 2 nights without pillow and blanket, I have never been happier seeing my cartons of stuff delivered to my apartment.  To be honest, I have been hit with one culture shock after another; I am sure I have felt the same one when I first moved to HK, but I cannot WAIT until the day I feel fully settled arrive.

I actually have no problem adjusting to the tropical weather, I actually like heading outside and walking the dog, there always seems to be a bit of a breeze in the morning and evening, so I really enjoy that.  What I CANNOT stand is the AC units in the apartment, I don’t feel COOL AT ALL!!!  In HK, my apartment can become frigid cold with all the AC turned on; right now, I am sweating just sitting right below the AC typing!  Seriously, what is the point of installing all these AC machines if there is no cool breeze coming out of it?  The frigging fan is cooler!  I am going to see my uncle later this week and I must inquire with him before making a complaint because like I just said, there is no frigid coolness from the machines!

I never know I am high maintenance (I supposed) until I moved here, and I never know I have been taken the apartment in HK for granted.  The apartment in HK has been completely renovated and all the furniture customized and picked just for my needs.  When I get to Singapore, everything seems out of place at home.  I hate all the furniture, to be honest.  All the dumb stools in the house has no reclining back!  I finally head out to buy the best possible chair I can find today, since I will spend so much time online doing my job in HK.  Why are there no reclining backs to all the chairs?  My back has been killing me!  The landlord also has a pretty large shelf for shoes, and I was quite happy about it.  But I hate it once I opened it.  THe slots are so thin all my heels DO NOT FIT!!  What a dumb pretentious shoe rack!  Now, my heels and boots are on display like a shoe store!  When I flew to Singapore to view apartments, I picked this place because it straddles two MRT stops and Holland Village is in my backyard, but I never realize the apartment is so dark.  Technically no lights stream into the apartment even when I open all the windows (though I can feel the breeze)!  That really irk me a lot, since I am used to bright sunlight streaming into the apartment for over 10 hours a day!  Also, this is the first time I “possess” a cloth sofa instead of leather and I hate it!  I feel like I am sinking every time I sit down!  I am counting the months (at least 9 more) before I can move out of here….my ultimate goal is to purchase a place that is truly my own!

I think I just might be a bit homesick because I am still a bit disoriented and couldn’t quite navigate as if I own the city just yet.  On the other hand, Pretzel adjusted superbly.  He is in fact in doggy heaven in Singapore with all the grass and lawns everywhere!  I enjoy taking him out too since the air really is fresher here!

I know I am bitching, and while I am doing that, I need to add telecommunications is BEYOND expensive here, I am BEYOND flabbergasted!  In HK, I paid $35 HKD a month for 3G mobile services with FREE caller ID, FREE 800 minutes, and now I pay $35 SGD (6.5x more expensive than HK money) for 100 minutes of incoming calls OMG!  For cable TV & Broadband (wireless) combined plus free home line, I paid $ 200HKD and in Singapore, I have to pay $80SGD for the three services.    Is there no fierce competition here?  Damn!  Also, what is the whole bullshit about setup fees and agency fees, WHY?  I was looking through classified trying to find a part-time cleaner to clean once a week and there is a hefty agency fee, what the heck is that!!  Why place a premium if you want business?  This one I know is culture shock. While on the topic of “beyond expensive”, I can’t wait to drive though!  Oh, did I mention I lost my license?  I need to get it replaced immediately, %$^IO&^%^$#^%()


Comments on: "My 1st weekend living in Singapore" (5)

  1. Awww… I’m so sorry to hear that….*hugs*
    I encountered plenty of problems here myself. I hope those issues get sorted out soon.

  2. Oh dear…it does sound like a nightmare everything is “at a fee” and don’t quite match up with what you used to have in HK..but hope you will be able to settle down soon 😉

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