I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Apparently coyotes in you live in Canada.  The poster give me a bit of a chuckle…

Living in HK for the past few  years, when I glance at the poster, I thought the animal is either a wild dog or a wild boar (a skinny one) because those seems like the animals that people in HK run away from.

This brought me back to an episode with a friend of mine who walks her Corgi along the Kowloon promenade often.  There is a big construction project happening where the government is trying to build a big culture hub and thus the construction site attracts a lot of  wild dogs.  They can get quite aggressive and she told me she walks with a club in her hands.  But anyway, the most horrible accident occurred with a pack of Snauchzners owned by a resident of the Kowloon Station Estates.  I honestly find this couple extremely crazy and weird, why would you live in an apartment and own over 8 Snauchzners?  Clearly these dogs become a mean pack on its own and the helper was walking all of them and couldn’t control them.  When they see my friend and the Corgi, they went on attack mode and because she tied the dog leash to herself, she got dragged to the ground, scraped her face and end up with chipped teeth that needs dental surgery.  What a horrible incidence!  Owners really need to take responsibility of the dogs (including picking up the shit after they shit) so others wont be annoyed or harassed by these loyal animals.

Comments on: "what animals do you run away from?" (1)

  1. Good question and great post. The animals I tend to run away from would be big dogs and monkeys. You will think it’s a joke that I am scared of monkeys but it is true because I am so scared of them biting me.

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