I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

I am still mega hyper!

I was a bit bummed I need to spend some time at the office on Saturday, but it is something I have to do before moving to Singapore.  I have to transform my office space into a satellite office so I am totally with it navigating from Southeast Asia.

I am pretty happy to notice it is only mid-afternoon by the time I cleaned up my desk so I decided to head down to North Point with Pretzel to browse for some curtains for my new apartment.  Pretzel gets pretty heavy once I started carrying him for hours, and some sales in furniture shops thought I was carrying a bag with a dog face accessory until they notice the dog head blinking.

Anyway, it turns out there is a furniture/interior design/curtains street in North Point, so I started browsing randomly after selecting the curtains, since I am still trying to find the right set of table and cabinet to complement the TV and studio lay out.  I am a pretty chatty person and because I smile (unlike a lot of people in HK I suppose), so I can chat up to shop owners pretty easily.  I walked into this shop that is doing a sale on display furnitures because new pieces will be coming in.  I was just chit-chatting with the owner telling him I am about to move in down the street really and just looking for a cabinet set and notice the “display sale’ on the window.

I told him it kind of sucks that his pieces are so big and that my apartment is so small.  Since we were talking, I started randomly pointing at pieces in his shop and asking him the prices.  For example, a $6000 HKD shelf is only going for half that or less, so I was saying, wow, this is a pretty lucrative business.  I guess, in his defense, he said, no no no, he just needs to get rid of them before the new inventories arrive, and how it doesn’t matter if it is not even selling “at cost”.  Then, he pointed to this pretty big piece of sofa with lots of large cushions on it and said, “see, I am only asking for $500 bucks for that”.  OMG!!!!  My eyes bulged and I was like “Seriously?  Really?  Because I WANT IT!!”.

The guy was like “I am serious!  It’s yours!  You can’t even buy dinner nowadays with $500 HKD, it’s nothing, buy it!”.  Being a little bit of an impulse buyer and unable to resist a bargain, I said, “Throw in the cushions”!!!

Seriously, you can’t even get these nice big cushions for $500 bucks a piece, some stores sell the cover and the filling separately!  I just bought 5 pretty cushions plus a giant ass sofa I have no idea where to put for $500 bucks!  $500HKD is less that $70 USD.  When I hopped onto the cab, the driver noticed I have this surreal and mad look and asked me what kind of deal did I just receive to look so excited.  So I showed him the picture of the sofa on my phone and asked him to guess how much I just paid for the sofa.  He was like, “Probably around $5000HKD”.  To that I said “NOPE, $500 PLUS ALL THE CUSHIONS”.  He wanted to go back to the store, and I am still mega hyper right now and telling the world!!!!

seriously, this sofa plus all the cushions are mine for $500HKD (less than $70 USD)



Comments on: "I am still mega hyper!" (2)

  1. you know you should leave the cushions on the couch. if you take them away, then the couch won’t look as nice. the cushions are what make it nice. that’s what i think anyway

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