I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Morning Madness

For the past three years, I have been taking the mini bus to work  and have completely forgotten what morning rush hour madness is like.  Since moving to Kowloon Station for a short-term stay, I am able to see first-hand the crazy morning madness!  Because Kowloon station is the last stop before it reaches Hong Kong Station (Central), by the time I get into the compartment, the train is already fully packed!  To change trains to Causeway Bay, I need to walk through this long platform and every morning, it feels like the long march, packed, no noise, as people stomped quickly towards Central.

Oddly, on Friday, I was surprised to notice a small little space available on the compartment.  Delighted I don’t need to squeeze myself in, I happily stepped into the spot.  Only to find out the reason there was a space is because the guy standing next to me had on a smelly wind-breaker!  Yucky!  It has that sticky half-wet mildew smell on clothes that is so gross and disgusting!   There were these girls that are shielding their noses, and I was a bit nervous when I first caught a whif.  OMG, am I responsible for the smell?  I started inhaling a little bit of the smell around myself just to make sure it is indeed not me!  I was like, nooooOoOoo, I don’t think it is from me…..I honestly believe the guy must be able to smell it before he puts the jacket on!  It smells!!!

everyone leaving the mtr and heading to work

heading up from the platform--people are already thinning out because I am at the end of the pack

the long walk from HK platform to Central platform


Comments on: "Morning Madness" (3)

  1. oh how i miss hong kong…

  2. Oh yes, you are not the only one who endured someone with a smelly, mildew stinky windbreaker, I get that sometimes when I catch a train or bus. The downside of public transport.

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