I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

my security blankie

Admit it, we all have something we cling on to, rather it be an old ragged toy, stuffed animal, or a security blanket.  Mine is a little bigger than most, it’s my giant ass mattress.  Muhaha, I am very serious, I seem unable to part with it.  Every country and every apartment I have moved into, I seem to ship it with me.  I always say, “oh forget it, I am going to leave it behind”.  The next thing I know, I am on the floor with the delivery guys wrapping the mattress with thick layer of tapes to minimize any damages during shipping.

So what is so special about this mattress?  Well, it has a layer of foam memory and it’s so unbelievably soft, yet firm and good for your spine and back, yet you completely can sink your body into and it feels like it’s enveloping you completely when you sleep.  A mattress with such an awesome job description, how can I possibly discard it and dump it out?

Is it true a mattress only have 10 years of life?  Well, I think mine has lots of bounce and energy left and can travel a few more continents, muhaha.  Lemme see, I have purchased it in University when I was still living in Vancouver.  It has moved through two homes during two years then, from my family house to my sister’s apartment before my sudden & heat of the moment move (everyone in Vancouver think so STILL) to Hong Kong.  So four years ago, my mattress has travelled over 6000 miles to arrive in my first apartment in Hong Kong.  I moved a bit after a year from that apartment into my current apartment and it’ll travel again to Singapore with me in 2 months.

Mind you, moving is very stressful, and I am definitely the type that has no issues throwing stuff away as I pack.  I like to move with as little stuff as possible, but I am just unable to discard the most heavy and bulky possession.  So now, I tell everyone my giant ass mattress is my security blanket.

pretzel with not a care in the world as boxes after boxes pile around him



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  1. Cool mattress and Pretzel is cute.

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