I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Doggy closet cleaning

I have no idea pretzel has so many clothes hidden on his shelf, this is a classic example of impulse purchasing!

watching mommy dig through my pile of shirts

haha, i forgot pretzel has a life jacket for swimming

tada! Folded pretzel's piles of clothes neatly for shipping

pretzel has 2 man purses! He's posing with the bigger one, the other one is bright red, keke


Comments on: "Doggy closet cleaning" (4)

  1. sure will be missing you both ….

  2. Nandhini has a numerous amount of clothing as well, she enjoys wearing clothes, my previous dog didn’t like it one bit…lol…haha life jacket, whatever for, dun tell me he can’t swim??? isn’t it a natural talent for dogs?

    • lol, little dogs don’t like to swim. I put him into the water and he immediately paddles back to shore. So I am thinking if I have a life jacket around him, he’s kind of forced to float around, haha

      • hahaha, my dog the same…lol, we bring her to the beach ,she is crazy abt it , but once you put her in the water, she swims back to shore…lol

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