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fresh milk vs UHT milk

As a child, I have drunk milk on a daily basis, and this habit has kept up with me, except now, I drink milk because I drink coffee on a daily basis.  Nevertheless, I drink milk daily!  I am quite picky with my milk, it has to taste exactly like the milk I drink in Canada.  Ever since moving to HK, I have refused to touch those local brand milk because when I look at the ingredient list, there is “water” listed as an ingredient.  WHAT??!!  Why is water listed as the first ingredient found in milk?  Clearly it tasted completely different than the milk I am used to.  I never walk down the aisles that shelf UHT milk either because I don’t understand why fresh milk has such a long expiry date.

fresh milk vs UHT milk--i take it UHT milk isn't all that popular since the UHT is hidden, not even shown on the front of the carton

Lately, I noticed there is a Switzerland brand of milk at the dairy counter that is called “fresh UHT” milk, very smart marketing because you would think it is fresh milk.  I actually bought a carton home just to see what it tasted like.  So exactly what is the difference between fresh milk and UHT milk?  I learned both are milk, but fresh milk is pasteurized at a lower temperature that kills off germs & bacteria, whereas UHT milk is treated at a high enough temperature that kills off all the good stuff found in milk.  In that case, what is the point of drinking milk?

indeed the word "UHT" is not very well displayed and there seems to be considerate amount of explanation that it is fresh milk

So people in Europe drink lots of UHT milk, but I am sticking to fresh milk, to me, it tastes better too.  There is a weird cooked/processed taste to UHT milk I am not used to, which is quite good with an English tea bag, but just knowing all the good stuff from milk have been killed off in high temperature kind of ruined it for me.


Comments on: "fresh milk vs UHT milk" (2)

  1. tokyobling said:

    Hi! Lots of interesting posts as usual. Actually, I never heard of anyone “drinking” UHT milk in Europe. The only time we use it is for coffee milk (those little plastic containers you get at McDonalds of some cafes). Apart from that, never heard of it!

    I think the milk branding in HK is a little bit messed up right now. (^-^;)

  2. tokyobling said:

    Oh, sorry, let me change that. It seems UHT milk IS very popular in some countries in Europe. Weird. Perhaps it’s because they almost never drink milk and they are happy to buy a little bit and keep it for months?

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