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polygomy overdrive

The Islamic faith healer, now 87, is currently wed to 86 wives ranging in age from 19 through 64. He has buried nine spouses, and divorced another dozen.

We all pretty much know what “polygamy” is—1 husband to multiple wives or 1 wife to multiple husbands (rare)…but how many wives can one take?  Apparently more than a hundred!  An eighty-seven years old Nigerian man has 107 wives!!!  He also fathered 185 children!!!

Immediately, questions regarding a man’s memorization ability pops into my curious mind…

  • Can he remember all the names of his wife?
  • Does he even know the names of his children?
  • Does he know the order of his children?
  • Does he even know what his children look like or are they a random herd? (yes HERD)
  • Do the children know one another?
  • How much money does he need to make to run his little city?
  • Any STDs???!!!  Straight from the man’s mouth  “If I don’t satisfy them, they leave.”

I thought Nigerians are relatively poor….I guess not if you can feed over two hundred mouths…you’re a pretty rich man!


Comments on: "polygomy overdrive" (4)

  1. amru965 said:

    this people just use religion as an excuse ….that sex maniac, he should be an animal instead of a human being……

  2. Speaking of multiple partners and STD, I’ve always wondered the same about James Bond. 😛

  3. Religion as an excuse for polygamy is nothing but a bunch of crock. Whoever says a man can have as many wives as he wants is only fuelling sexism and male chauvinism. Besides, polygamy is nothing but a man-made law used by man. Polygamy only brings heartache and chaos in a family all no thanks to one stupid man.

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