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These are vegan dishes

I have written a post before called “a carnivorous dinner” (https://btlau.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/a-carnivorous-dinner/)  that mentioned Chinese people will eat all kinds of animals that walk on all fours; however, I have decided to explore a vegan restaurant this evening.  You will soon notice that all these vegan dishes imitate meat dishes…so….Chinese people do like eating meat that walk on all fours.

beancurt platter imitating a meat platter in soy sauce, curry, and sweet & sour sauce

a platter of sashimi sliced cold platter imitating abalone slices

this is really sea cucumbers

imitating shark fin soup--pumpkin soup with imitated imitation crabs---i don't really like it

imitating shanghainese lion pork balls using taro, it was very good

very yummy stir-fry mushroom dish with a bit of a cheese sauce

imitating fried breaded prawns

dessert puddings made of chestnut, corn, and osmanthus

Comments on: "These are vegan dishes" (2)

  1. I also find HOngKongers eat a lot of meat! All types of meat. This is a wonderful post 🙂 Everyone should eat more greens 🙂

  2. yep, all Chinese ppl seem to eat lots of meat proteins. Eating vegan every once in awhile is nice, but lots of gluten, that was a high gluten veggie meal, hees

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