I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Today, I stopped by Time Square for a soft pretzel before heading to the salon to get my hair done.  It looks like London’s King Cross and the platform 9 3/4  have arrived in Causeway Bay.  So cool for Time Square to display the Hogwart’s Express, and so many Harry Potter’s fans are snapping pictures!

i really enjoy the harry potter's series, it is awesome!

exhibiting outside time square's plaza

so creative how the exhibitors built a wall so it looks like the train is approaching out of a tunnel

doesn't it look like these people are waiting at the platform?

I decided to take some pictures of the fans busy snapping away, we are all congesting the walkway, hees.


Comments on: "Honk! Honk! Hogwart’s Express" (6)

  1. Haha. Yes, the children and adults were too busy taking pictures in various poses 😀 Did you see the decor in the atrium? They have cloaks and pointed hats and broomsticks for those who don’t mind playing dress up for a quick snapshot 😀

    • oh no, i entered lane crawford to head to the food court for the pretzel and then headed out. That sounded so cool though, leave it all to the imagination

  2. This is so cool. Is the movie out in HK already too? Why can’t we have anything like that here? All we had was a bunch of people dressed in cloaks and wearing witch hats waiting outside the theater at midnight for the movie premier.

  3. amru965 said:

    That is nice, I absolutely loved the harry potter books, but after the 3rd movie ( which was brilliantly shot) the rest of the movies were kinda of a letdown, usually I can remember what I watch but seriously from movie 4 onwards I can’t really be bothered about it. Daniel Radcliffe is a bad actor….what I am waiting for is next year’s hobbit…can’t wait.

  4. i like the books way more than the movies, the author is good, I can vividly imagine the magical world…but after watching the movies, I start seeing those actors as the characters when i read the books, hees

  5. This is totally wicked and cool pictures.

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