I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

MmmmMMmMm, another delicious meal, the joy I find when I could enjoy a delicious meal is insurmountable!  Today, I enjoyed dinner at a Michelin recommended restaurant.  I actually don’t really care about Michelin ratings, because I rate the food I eat by my own scale, but interesting to spot the plague outside the door.

isn't this so cool? The fish meat itself has been pounded into fish paste and it's rearranged into a fish again. It was very tasty, I especially like the part the skin is fried, so it's very crispy on the outside and chewy inside

i am high on fish paste tonight, more fish paste! This is pan fried fish paste with a fish type of soy sauce for dipping

another signature dish of this restaurant, smoked chicken, it looks like soy chicken, but there is a very distinctive smoked taste when you eat it, great!

this is fish in black bean sauce, the whole dish is made from a part of the fish that is right below the eye area that has lots of collagen

duck sauce veggie cooked with fish mouth (seriously, all those tann looking things on top of the veggies are lips of fish)

a simple veggie dish in broth cooked with egg whites and thosand year old eggs

curious what this is? Fried pork intestines...sounds gross? Try it with an open mind, OMG, delicious!


Comments on: "Reconstructed fish with fish paste" (2)

  1. Oh my gosh. That fish looks so yummy!

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