I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

a day of non-work

My definition of non-work is sitting at the office the whole day and doing absolutely nothing.  I am sure it happens to all of us once in awhile, but today’s non-work  seems to strike out a lot more than usual.  Monday is usually a very busy day because after the weekend, there would be lots of stuff to attend to after spending a good part of the morning in meetings updating colleagues on upcoming projects and what we need to rush through this week.

I am the first to admit I slack off at work all the time, bumming a little bit here, surfing the internet for random things, or just catching up on missed tv shows (I don’t do this very often), but I can shrug it all off, because so long as everything is done, it’s a-okay.  Also, I am my own boss, so if I want to slack off and chill a little, I can.  But non-work usually happens on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, never on a Monday. 

I am still scratching my head wondering why today turned out to be a non-work day, especially since I have pile after pile of work waiting for me to catch up on.  There are so many emails with quotations and offers waiting for me to respond to or continue to renegotiate, yet I sent out zero emails today.  Oh yea, I am supposed to draft out a formal letter to the “Chinese Chamber of Commerce” announcing my official intention to participate in the Brand Expo this Christmas.  Oh wait, there is also the stupid layout plan I am supposed to submit  on how my booth is supposed to look at the Food Expo, scale drawing!  I am already a week late, I figure, what is another month…or never submitting it.  OMG, give me a break, how do I draw scale blueprints of cases after cases of carton boxes stacked against one another, because the intention of the expo is to sell, not determine if I have good design skills?!

I think it’s safe to conclude the reason today end up being a non-work day is because I am so overwhelmed with work and unsure where to start (that’s a lie, I know what I need to do first) , I end up doing absolutely nothing.  Surprisingly the hours flew by even during non-work.  In fact, during my duldurm eight hours, I was so busy doing non-work, I did not even have time for lunch, crazy eh? 

So what did I do today?  I held the weekly meeting in the morning, then I started surfing the internet looking for cheap small apartments in nice areas to lay all my goods when I move to Singapore.  This part is never easy, it is very stressful, especially since the housing prices are crazy in HK and I’ve a deadline to move out of my nice apartment in swanky Jardine’s Lookout in a month because I leased it out already.  Then, I spend the latter half of the afternoon confirming Tiger Airway is scary and completely do not understand why I bought a ticket with them, only to buy Cathay Pacific afterwards.  Tiger Airway being scary and not overly safe is a personal opinion (or is it?), I just never feel overly comfortable with budget airlines or China Airlines (Yes!  I’ve to mention you after you nose-dived landed thinking we’re in the military!).  In my moment of weakness, when I am facing prices in million of dollars for a small small small apartment my friend said “my dog will commit suicide in if he has to live there”, I decided to go thrift (i save 2000) with Tiger Airways.  Sigh, at the end of the day, I lost $2000 because I bought Cathay Pacific…it has a 0 accident rate, I am a loyal and faithful customer to inelastic and non-competitive pricing.  Good Job Cathay.


Comments on: "a day of non-work" (2)

  1. amru965 said:

    LOL – non working indeed, happens to me all the time, especially when I have loads to do and I procrastinate. Then somehow I make myself do it, after a day or so…I thrive under stress…haha..especially when the deadline is near.

    Anyways good luck on the apt hunting 🙂

  2. omg, we’re so alike, the work mentality, lol–prob the same for all procrastinators out there. Thx! I’m excited about new housing options in Singapore, that’s on Thursday!

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