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homemade spring rolls

I love eating spring rolls, I love hearing the crunchy noise as I sink my teeth into the roll’s crispy skin.  I love eating “pho”, beef soup noodles from Vietnamese restaurants, pairing it with a side of crispy spring rolls while a cup of Vietnamese coffee is dripping slowly, waiting to be drunk at the end of the meal.

I always think the side of spring rolls is very expensive, usually half, if not more the price of the bowl of noodles, and it is so small in comparison!  Alright, I admit it, there are lots of time-consuming and redundant steps involved in stuffing the spring roll with diced carrots, mined meats, and little pieces of mushrooms.  But oh, when you sink your teeth into that little spring roll, yummy yummy.

You can imagine how happy I must be when my aunt offered to make me a bunch of spring rolls to trade-off for peanut butter cookies.  Wow, look at the box of spring rolls she made me, I’ll be frying them for at least a week!  How fun!

very light in color before they're deep fried. I froze it in my fridge the day before, you can see the stave of ice stuck to the roll,haha

if you look carefully, you'll spot 2 types of spring rolls here

tada! I deep fried a giant plate

this one is the short variety, with lots of veggies and minced meat

this is my grandma's signature spring roll, it's stuffed with taro paste and little pieces of meat


Comments on: "homemade spring rolls" (6)

  1. Remember how when we were young, we used to go to this restaurant where they serve shrimp salad spring rolls? YUM!!!

  2. are those chagio? or is it chayo?

    here in manila, i make spring rolls with mashed whitefish meat, minced veggies, and egg. dipping sauce is sweet and sour with chili bits.

  3. I NEED you to overnight these to me RIGHT. NOW. 🙂

  4. .Spring rolls are really easier to make than they look and incredibly versatile as well! Once you have all of your ingredients lined up youre ready to go..Maybe the most difficult part of people is figuring out what they need to buy in order to have the spring rolls they like remember from a favorite restaurant. Its important to remember that there are as many variations of spring rolls as there are people who love them.

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