I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

It was one of those tender special moments I value and remember.  A few days ago, I called my grandpa to invite him to dinner with my grandma when he returns from his usual routine business trips in China (he’s eighty-something).  Since I am a little business woman myself, I usually forget calls after I make them, but I got a call from my grandpa a few days later for dinner.  I found this Chinese restaurant in Hung Hom doing a 8- course meal including abalone and bird nest swallow, so I thought I would take them there.

Instead, my grandpa told me to head over home becaue he’ll have a big pot of bird nest swallow waiting for me.  Upon arriving with my aunt and uncle, we headed into the kitchen and rather than seeing the helpers cooking, my grandpa was standing in front of a giant wok making braised pork knuckles.  It was so warm seeing him busy making the dish and telling the helpers to pour more broth into his wok so the meat will continue to braise and become soft.  The dish needs to be brasied for around 40 minutes, and I’ll see him coming out to the living room standing below the a/c every 10 minutes or so to cool off, it was so adorable.

my aunt decided to join in and banter with grandpa while he's busy braising away

more dishes will be put onto the table, but oh look, the braised knuckles my grandpa made

this is definitely an ancient pot to cook speical broth bcoz those speical pots nowadays are very small

my grandparents have put load of bird nest swallow into the broth

While waiting for dinner to be served, I bum around the counter and ate lychees for the first time this year!  It was so sweet and I love this kind of lychee with very very very small seeds.  Best of all, these lychees, along with the “yellow peel” fruit–official name is “Whampi” are picked fresh from the trees in the garden.  After dinner, my grandpa produced a large bag of lychee for me to take home.
After dinner, my grandpa went missing for a little while, so I headed into the garden to see what he was up to.  I found him up in a ladder picking “yellow peel” fruits off the tree!  When I caught up with him he was so proud to be holding a bushel in his hand, I honestly do not know if I should be holding the ladder he was on or the bushel of fruits he was handing to me.  I was very touched, it was one of those special tender moments.

there are 2 whampi trees in the garden, look at all the fruits the tree has bear

the bushel of whampi fruit handed to me, it's very very sweet and juciy, but gota to wait until they all turn yellow. There are lots of seeds in this little round piece of fruit, but the juice is addictively sweet

my giant bag of lychees that was freshly picked off the lychee tree


Comments on: "dinner and tree-picked fruits with grandpa" (1)

  1. I haven’t had lychees in such a long time. I think I’m going to head over to the H Mart and see if they sell them. Oh wow, lychees. I really want some now

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