I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

the chameleon sky

The start of a humid season is usually indicated by very unpredictable weather of sudden rain and clearing up of clouds.  July and August are when typhoons hit Hong Kong, and for now, there are times when the rain suddenly pours down so hard, I can get drenched in a matter of minutes if I am unlucky and get caught in the sudden downpour.

Just the other day, I walked out of my apartment to an overcast sky with no rain, after a few minutes of waiting at the bus stop, the rainy drizzled down.  As I opened my umbrella, the drizzle has turned into a complete downpour!  The back of my shirt, my hair, and my jeans are completely wet!  Like other people lining up at the bus stop, we all have no choice but to run back home to dry ourselves and wait out the sudden storm.

Even the typhoons seem a little weird this year, it could hit the city directly with heavy winds, but then it will suddenly die down like it never happened.  Very unpredictable weather lately, but I got to tell you, the sky looks so amazing.

I took a couple of shots from my living room–the changing colors and cloud movements are taken over the course of a week, not a day, hees.

a typical bright, clear, and sunny day in HK

the sky is unbelievbly blue and clear white clouds

can seethe grey clouds rolling in to blanket over the blue sky

the rain is about the come down

a cloudy and foggy day, the tall building (international financial center) is shrouded in the clouds

caught the setting sun before it fades away for the day

the setting sky's colors are so breathtakingly beautiful

nighttime and rain in setting in

and the rain pelts down


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  1. I got myself wet a couple of times as well… 😥 But, despite the mad rain and wind, HK’s skies cleared up a lot (no longer the depressing dull grey) and that makes the skyline so much more pleasant to look at,don’t you think?

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