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Romping in the park

Nothing makes pretzel happier than dashing out of the apartment, completely ignoring other people while half pulling, half dashing while barking and pummeling toward the park next door.  I love bringing him to this park for a few minutes to let him run off leash.  Hong Kong is so congested, it’s not easy finding a gated area to let Pretzel run around to kill off a bit of his overzealous energy and enthusiasm.  He’s so unpredictable, I don’t feel safe letting him run around unless he can’t get himself into trouble.  We only have odd little accidents when stray cats dashed by and he started chasing them out of curiosity, birds flying by and he needs to chase again, or people walking down the stairs and he needs to go and greet…aside from these little minor instances, we have a great time at this park.


Comments on: "Romping in the park" (3)

  1. How cute!!! Pretzel is adorable. Love the pictures!

  2. I can absolutely relate to this post! It can be pretty intimidating letting our four-legged friends walk out of the apartment when you’re living in a highly urbanized concrete jungle with cars and people zipping left, right, and centre! Glad to see that you found a little oasis where Pretzel can romp around and explore safely.

    As for cats and birds, Maple reacts the same way! She won’t hesitate to chase them. Birds, I don’t mind so much. But stray cats can be a bit frightening, especially since Maple is so much smaller than them!

    • lol, the cats are usually so much bigger and more plump than pretzel too, but he doesn’t care. But then again, the smaller the dogs, the more hyper and defensive, maybe they know they’re little runts, lol

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