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Yes, there are pizza joints and pizza deliveries in Hong Kong, but if you grow up eating American pizza, you would not be happy eating Pizza Hut’s thousand island sauce pizza with tuna and shrimps.  You would also wonder if these people know what real cheese taste like, we don’t want processed cheese or scallops as pizza toppings!

Yes, we do have a few pizza joints that deliver American style pizza to cure random cravings, but definitely very difficult to find a shop that sells you pizza by the slice.  I do need to point out rent is extremely expensive in Hong Kong;  but to be fair, people would rather pay 30 to 40 bucks ($4-5 USD) for a giant plate of  baked pork chop rice or a plate of fried noodles… it comes with a free drink of iced coffee, iced tea, or iced lemon tea.

Upon discovering a small shop in the shopping district of Causeway Bay that sells pizza by the slice which looks American style, I got super expcited!   Walking down the street, I saw people walking past me with a slice of pizza in their hands and some even chewing as they walk!  There aren’t a lot of selections when I walked into the shop, but oh yes, they are indeed American style pizza!  There is a bit of gimmick..the size!  It is a huge slice!

my giant slice of mushroom and sausage pizza with real cheese and real tomatoe sauce!

After paying for a slice of mushroom and sausage, I picked up my steps as I zoomed back to the office and sink my teeth into my slice of pizza!  I still have a 50% discount coupon left, and I am happy to say I’ll use it to buy another slice!  The shop uses real tomato sauce and Italian mushroom, so I am super happy!  Oh yea, the cheese is real cheese, yummy yummy! 

To be fair, I have had better slices of pizzas before that aren’t reheated in the oven.  BUT selling pizza by the slice is very very very very very rare in Hong Kong…in fact there is only one joint I can think of that sells sliced pizza, so it is very very very very very rare!!!!   Now, I know where to go if I have pizza craving and I only want a slice for a quick bite!

it really is a huge slice, the plate is practically filled


Comments on: "American pizza… with a li’l bit of gimmick" (4)

  1. amru965 said:

    That is a big piece of pizza, I remember they sell one piece pizza in canada as well…. I dunno about singapore. I usually make my own , since I can top up with my fave ingredients and loads of chhhhheeeesssseee. Now I want pizza too!

  2. omg are you from canada as well? I’m moving to singapore in aug…flying in & out between HK & Singapore…last time I was in Singapore I remember my friend grabbing a slice of pizza somewhere…muhaha. Did i make you want pizza? Becasuse you make me want to make one from scratch! Yea…to much work, i’m too lazy

    • amru965 said:

      Nah, am born in Singapore , went over for a long vacation for a year in Vancouver. I miss it, but the journey to and fro totally ruin it for me. I hate flights but I love to travel . I usually buy those ready made pizza base , loads of cheese,ham,pineapple,bell pepper,tomatoes,onion and pizza sauce – that’s my hawaiian version. I want to make some now…just thinking about it. If you can’t get ready made pizza base , look at this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shy3lDiAlc0. Make it one day in advance, truly easy with no kneading too.

  3. I would love to know if there’s a pizza joint in Singapore that sells them by the slice. Pizza is my ultimate food addiction and the one you have pictured on the plate is ridiculously tempting. YUM!

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