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Traditional Bakery

This is one of the oldest traditional bakery in Hong Kong that is known to everyone living in the city.  It specializes in making baked goods and pastries especially for traditional Chinese weddings.  This is the flagship store situated in Yuen Long, suburbs of HK; it retains the traditional look of the bakery from many years ago.  The branches that dot the city are more modern looking, but the flagship store certainly offers more photographic inspiration.

the sign says it all--it tells of a bakery that withstood the passing of time, with its own stories and a well-recognized brand--a part of Hong Kong


the red circles really make the bakery stand out in the most congested street in Yuen Long


night fell by the time I wait for the bus to bring me back to city center. It just so happens the bus stop is across from the bakery, so I am able to take a night shot of the building, so pretty


Comments on: "Traditional Bakery" (3)

  1. I can’t really read the Chinese characters in your pic, but I’m guessing it’s for yuen long lo po pastries? Yum!!! I want one!!!

  2. That place looks so cool!

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