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Let’s PK!^%$@!!!

When I spot weird things happening in Asia, I got to share.  So there is a trend picking up in Taiwan created by two girls where they PK on the street.  Basically they just lie face down on the street and start taking pictures….arghhh…SeRiOusLy????!!  The two girls call this creative, but I honestly think they have nothing better to do with their time.  Oh wait…remember the mastercard  commercial and the famous U Tube video of the guy doing his funny dances in different countries…OMG I hope mastercard won’t like this one too much!

this is nasty! That is a meat butcher stall



how would you react if you see this as you're walking by?


haha, this one is kind of funny, but still a very silly past-stime


this guy turned it up a notch and show some buttcheeks



Comments on: "Let’s PK!^%$@!!!" (9)

  1. Well I could think of worse things that they could be doing.

    • believe it or not, it just so happens today on the news, it mentioned a guy in australia doing that on the balcony, lost his footing, and fell to his death. even the prime minister was on tv talking of this incidence

  2. I saw this in the news as well – one of the big things was the fact that a girl who does this went to med. school. Apparently her parents aren’t happy at her for wasting her time on photography…

    I don’t get it as a photographer, but oh well – I guess I don’t have to. It just cracks me up that it was on Taiwanese news.

  3. amru965 said:

    They probably will do it till they get extremely famous, but eeeww isn’t it dirty? on the steps the rubbish bin and etc. Is there a meaning to this -_-‘

    • you gotta agree with me posing face down on the butcher stand where raw meat is butcher everyday is the most gross…semi disturing too, analogy to the person being the meat being butchered, shudder

  4. wtf?! don’t these ppl have a life?

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