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A lost but loyal dog

When I return to my apartment tonight, just  as I was about to punch in the password to my tower, I saw a dog staring at me from the other side.  After taking a peek, I realize he is at the lobby alone, with a puddle of pee.  I quickly went to the security office and told the guards on duty.  He doesn’t know which floor he belongs to beause he’s quite new at the job, but he said to wait for the next shift to stop by and they should be able to find the owner.  There is  about 15 more minutes before the next shift, so I told him to drop by my apartment to get the dog, it doesn’t make sense for the dog to be leaning against the wall between the two elevators.

The guard was wondering if he would even follow me into the elevator…of course he would, I am the only one that rubbed him.  I tried picking him up around the belly like I would to my dog, but this one is a lot heavier than mine and I cannot do it with one hand.  I was holding a stack of mail and my purse on the other hand, so I have to give up the idea of glamorously holding a strange dog and bringing him into my apartment. 

I was happy he followed me into the elevator and got off at me floor.  Why I say he is a loyal dog is because he absolutely would not come into my apartment, and I have the A/C on full blast.  My little dog pretzel zoomed out barking like mad to greet anyone at the door, but the lost dog just stood in the hallway leaning against the elevator.  Not one bark, not one whimper, just lean against the wall and wait, and wait, and wait. 

I coaxed him with a few kibbles from pretzel’s bowl, he sniffed it but didn’t eat it.  So I took out the “italian herb & cheese” cookies that drive pretzel wild.  He sniffed it and paused and wanted to go for it, but decided to remain loyal and lean against the wall.  It got me thinking he must be kind of thirsty since it has been a good 20 minutes since I first found him alone.  I brought out Pretzel’s bowl of water, and Pretzel pranced out slurpping non-stop, lol. 

these cookies smell really really good even to me

When the security guard came on duty, one of them came up to my apartment and recognized the dog belong to the lower floors.  He brought him back and told me he has safely returned, which was very nice.  At the back of my mind, I am wondering why the owner did not even bother coming out to look for the dog, I am sure he has been missing for more than 20 minutes!  However, the dog doesn’t seem absued, very tamed and seems like he is just waiting for the owner to show up.


Comments on: "A lost but loyal dog" (3)

  1. amru965 said:

    Aww, poor doggie. What is up with the owner?

    • i am sure the dog has been missing for 30 minutes at the very least; oh well, i don’t want to think the worst of other people, espeically since the dog looks very nice and well taken care of. I am sure it’s just an oversight

  2. It was very nice of you to babysit this handsome dogster while the owner was being found (strange and ironic, isn’t it? usually it’s the other way around!). Glad to hear dog and owner were reunited that night.

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