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Feasting on Lobsters

Undoubtedly, lobster is my favorite seafood, and the Chinese version of baked cheese lobster makes my stomach growl and my mouth water.  The essence lies in the layer of noodles that rest at the bottom of the dish, which enables the freshness of the lobster, the broth, and cheese to completely mesh into one and soak into the E-mien (noodles).  It is very hard to say no to a bowl of E-mien from baked cheese lobster.

boston lobster smothered in cheddar cheese

the special home cooked udon lunch for 2 days

I overdid it a notch this weekend, eating this yummo dish 4 days in row, OMG, but so yummy!  I got together with my grandparents for dinner over Mother’s day and my grandpa knows I love this dish.  The cheese used is kind of odd because the restaurant has selected cheddar, so the dish appeared dark orange, but I love it nevertheless.  There were 2 pieces of lobster meat left over with some cheese, so I took it home and mix it with udon for a lobster lunch. 

I made my uncle a bit hungry as he was driving to the restaurant, as I was praising the baked cheese lobster dish I had in Happy Valley.  The signature dishes from this restaurant include its baked cheese lobster and tiger prawns fried over a mountain of garlic.  I love the lobster dish from this restaurant because it is extremely generous with its cheese.  The lobster is completely smothered in layers of cheese!  Of course, I have another lobster udon for lunch the very next day.

this restaurant serves the best baked cheese loster, love the cheese, cream, broth, fat, calories....we each had a giant prawn to go with the dinner--plain steamed to enjoy the freshest taste of the prawn


we each had a giant prawn to go with the dinner--plain steamed to enjoy the freshest taste of the prawn

another way of eating these giant prawns is layering it with garlic and chili


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