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 This is murder!!! A video was posted on facebook page of two perpetrators throwing an abused dog off the roof. The video shows a man dragging the dog by the tail while the other person shooting the video laughed gleefully at the malicious act they are about to commit. The poor dog was pulled by the tail and was flung off the roof to cruel laughter. I can hear the “thud” as the dog landed on the ground and I can still hear him whimpering as he lay in his curled up fatal position waiting for a painful death.

I actually paused in the middle of the 20 seconds video because I was feeling way too disgusted and cannot bear to see the eventual outcome of the video’s ending. The fact people can find pleasure and glee in watching another living specie suffer in pain is beyond heartless. These acts are truly condemned and intolerable in any civil society. This is a crime and the perpetrators should be punished, especially since they think this is so “cool” and posted it online to “share”. I do hope the police in Singapore would be able to catch these two murderers and they are punished for their crimes. At the same time, I hope the SPCA could find the poor dog, if not badly harmed, probably dead from being flung off a building.


Comments on: "Dog flung off a building for fun" (15)

  1. Who would do this? It’s disgusting. Hopefully they can gather details from the Facebook account and track them down. Maybe we can toss them off the roof.

  2. This is awful 😦 I had to stop reading mid-way through.

    I’m wih Evan – I hope they can gather information from their FB account.

  3. Oh my goodness … I too had to stop reading/looking at the pictures. How anyone could ever harm an innocent, helpless animal, I do not know 😦

  4. I first read about this on news site. It’s terrible T^T Awfully terrible

  5. amru965 said:

    A few twisted people in Singapore, we have cases like this every now and then, it is so worrying to know that when they go on trial, they give reasons such as they need an outlet to vent their frustration. Its truly horrible. Not only random people but pet owners as well. This is the ugly side of humans.

    I couldn’t even scroll down the pictures, this is too much. People should be taught to respect ALL living things.

    • what???!!! That’s the excuse, they need a channel to vent so they fling something alive down a building and watch it suffer?! That’s a horrible excuse, I hope the judges are smart and see through that! I hope those two guys are caught, I seriously don’t see any stress or frustation, just a horrible violent act to derive glee out of their prank, horribleeeeee

      • amru965 said:

        so far I tried to look for the news around the net, but I can’t find any…..How did you come upon this video? If only this can go viral the ppl and spca can go on a hunt for them. I do wish they get those creeps. I hope the judge gives an extreme sentence to discourage these kinds of acts on innocent animals.

      • If you’ve tears just reading my blog, you can’t watch it, you really cannot because I have tears misting over my eyes too.

      • amru965 said:

        I didn’t see it, but posted it on my facebook, a good friend of mine is an animal lover, she will help to spread this in her facebook to all dog lovers and animal lovers. I want to do my part to make sure this goes viral and get those culprits arrested.

      • that’s great, espeically since you live in singapore, if you can keep me up-to-date, I want to know if those 2 guys are caught or at least condemned for their action

      • amru965 said:

        If I hear anything about it, will keep you updated

  6. […] I cried… Posted on May 12, 2011 by amru965 I hugged her and cried after reading this https://btlau.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/dog-flung-off-a-building-for-fun/ […]

  7. […] I hugged her and cried after reading this https://btlau.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/dog-flung-off-a-building-for-fun/ […]

  8. I couldn’t bear to read the whole thing……utter cruelty…hope these horrible people are brought to justice. My heart aches for the poor innocent creature. I just cannot understand this kind of cruelty.

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