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A 59-year-old Singapore man allegedly spent S$287,300 ($350,000 USD) on prostitues over the past four decades but his wife said that after 40 years of ‘wasting time’ with him, she has no intention to divorce him.


She really values the sanctity and purity of the marriage vows they took decades ago?  Or maybe she sees the prostititues as harmless outlet for the dirty man’s sexual libido.   There is a Chinese saying “once disloyal, never can be trusted”, but I guess there is also another saying that “it is best to turn a blind eye to things” as well.  I agree that it always take two to make a wrong, I clearly think the husband is the one at wrong here!  If you married her, you must have found her attractive, so why would you shack up prostitutes all the time?  If the wife is willing to stick by her man after knowing his infidelity, it says something right?  Oh yea, she did say she  has pretty much wasted her life on him for the past 40 years, but there must be something she is holding onto that weighs heavier than personal pride and pity from the entire Singapore country.

Comments on: "Hire prosititues for 40 years & wife sticking to marriage" (4)

  1. amru965 said:

    I am a singaporean, and I heard abt this. What do I think…I have no idea! If it was me….I will leave him that’s for sure.

    • it’s just crazy eh?

      • amru965 said:

        isn’t it? The man seriously has issues, and by continuing to stay with him, maybe she has issues as well. 😦

      • agree agree. The marriage has been that long she probably doesn’t know what life would be like on her own. I feel sorry for her but at the same time, not overly sorry for her situation because it’s over 40 years of this kind of treatment, she must have turned a blind eye for him to continue on this way

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