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Shanghainese Cuisines

It is very unfair to use the term “Chinese food” and lumps all the different cuisines and delicacies that are offered across China. There are so many different types of cuisines and so many ways of cooking them, to use the word “Chinese food” when you see a steam fish or a plate of sweet and sour pork is doing the chefs no justice.

 My hungry stomach leads me to enjoy a variety of Shanghai cuisines in the past week, and of course the “xiao lung bao”–meat dumpling is one of the most famous dishes in Shanghai cuisines. In Shanghai cuisines, people lover ordering multiple plates of cold appetizers, emphasis is placed more on these appetizers than main dishes.

sweet glutinous rice stuffed into slices of boiled lotus


known as drunken chicken-chicken is cooked and brasied in Chinese wine

eating smoked duck breasts with a small slice of sweet ginger brings out the smokiness of the meat

marinated slices of beef


famous xia lung bao (pork dumplings) from Michelin star restaurant Ding Tai Fung



another variety of pork dumpling with spicy red oil chili sauce pan fried seasame green onion bread


braised duck with special sacha sauce


i love this fish, espeically the pine sauce, very addictive sweety with a bit of tang


a type of cold noodles blended with peanut sauce and sliced cucumbers


pan fried pork dumplings


fragrant diced vegetable with tofu


pan fried seasame green onion bread


this is a pan fried red bean paste dessert


Comments on: "Shanghainese Cuisines" (2)

  1. Wow – all of those dishes look delicious! My mouth is watering. The pork dumplings look so tasty (and one of my favorites!).

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